Somewhat Free Range Goats

We move the goats about every four to seven days. We move them more when the grass and weeds grow slowly but then we stop moving them when the winter comes and we feed them hay that we usually get from Wayne Byrum. If we neglect to move them when the greenery gets scarce, they will jump over or crawl under the net. So the little zap that the charger provides doesn’t amount to maximum security measures.

When we move them, we let them out for a couple of hours while we take down the net, move their little shed with the tractor, and reassemble the net, the charger, the waterer, etc. With a little shake of the food can they come running back home where, even with their little brains, I think they know they’ll be closed in for another few days, and don’t seem to mind.

I doubt I can call them “free range”, but even within the hundred square feet or so that they have, they can run around and butt heads. I don’t provide access to information media, so they have nothing to compare themselves to, but I think they’re happy.

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