I replaced my wife’s smashed iPhone screen

I got my geek on and replaced the screen on my wife’s iPhone 7 Plus. They sell replacement screens on line, some complete with the tools you’ll need, and the internet has plenty of how-to videos. I watched a couple of them (not linking because you have to search for your specific phone)

It took about 2 and a half hours – it’s hard to tell because I got interrupted a couple of times.

I needed good lighting, since my eyes are pushing 60, and I had to borrow my wife’s reading glasses because hers are stronger and mine weren’t up to this task. The screws are about the size of sesame seeds. But I got it done.


2 thoughts on “I replaced my wife’s smashed iPhone screen

  1. You lost me at sesame seeds! Half the time with glasses I’m struggling so, I would have aborted the task. You did really good! That’s awesome!

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