Gone Nasty

On the 28th, I sarcastically paraphrased the words of teleconference participant, with the phrases “fuck everyone else” and “dirty children”. But I don’t know this woman, and she was expressing valid concerns about people making poor financial choices and worries about how we should deal with health related threats resulting from illegal immigration.

That post got about twenty hits within a couple of hours after posting it. Which is about, …oh… twenty times the amount of hits that I usually get the day I post something. Maybe it’s just because I used the word “fuck” but maybe it’s because being nasty and insulting brings up your ratings.

We have more than enough blogs out there suggesting that those who disagree with them are nasty, stupid, or selfish. But most of us work over forty hours a week, with another ten or so for transportation. We spend a few hours with our families, doing chores, and entertaining ourselves. Those of us who are politically active do the best we can with the little time left over. Event the experts can’t seem to agree on diddly, how can we blame each other for having different opinions?

Assuming I ever get more than three readers, I don’ t want them all to be ditto-heads or trolls. I want dialog. And I’m not going to get that with insults. So, Lady, I’m not going to lie, you sounded smug and cold-hearted to me, but I shouldn’t have insulted you as I did. Sorry.

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