Freedom of Conservative Speech

Yesterday I heard an old guy complaining about having to take on a job, and he blamed President Obama for his lost retirement savings.

A while ago, While President Bush was still in office, A guy came into the library and asked for something, I didn’t hear what, which they didn’t have. And he said (I swear) “After all the taxes I paid Clinton?”

These two incidents were spaced pretty far apart, so I’m not saying that all, or most, of my fellow Suffolkians are idiots. A lot of very intelligent people live in Suffolk, and I accept the fact that that I live in a conservative town where a lot of smart people disagree with me. But does that mean a person can make any derogatory comment about a Democrat, no matter how moronic, and be comfortable with the knowledge that he’s among people who will smile and nod? Can I say, “Obama broke into my house last night and stole my TV!” and not have one person say “Really? Obama? Wasn’t he in Ghana last night?”

I was right to keep quiet in the Library, since saying something from where I was sitting would have made me as much a loud mouthed pest as the idiot who walked in, but maybe I should have responded to the more recent comment. I have trouble deciding when to butt in.

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