Update on Porky, the Killer Pig

I haven’t seen any more rampages but since we don’t really keep count of our birds it’s hard to say if we lost a couple.

I built the trough so the pig food wouldn’t be at ground level encouraging the ducks to stick around at feeding time. That seems to be helping, but a few still hang out.

Porky and Ducks

We’ve also increased their feed, but I don’ t feel good about that because Porky and Bess are already overweight. Not that they’ll ever have to run to catch a bus or anything like that, but obesity has detrimental effects on health, including birthing difficulties.

What we’re feeding them, using the Folger’s standard, is a half a coffee can twice a day, of a 50/50 mix of pig food and scratch.

I used wire and fence staples to attach to trough to the gate but the pigs managed to rip the trough away. They butt it around like a toy and it will soon fall apart so I’ll have to build something more substantial.

The portable feeding trough

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