Ben unlocks the secret to driving traffic to your blog!

I would like to thank both of my fans for their frequent visits to my blog, and for those that are bloggers too, I’ll share an interesting story.

On my home computing blog, I got thirty three hits in one day for my post about the cradlepoint router and the sierra air-card. That’s about thirty two more than I usually get in a week. Despite the literary genius exhibited in that post, I have to conclude that those hits came not from my talented prose, but from certain keywords in the text. It would therefore seem that if you want to drive traffic to your blog, your appeal to the hearts and souls of an interested audience is less important than your appeal to the web-bots.

It would, of course, be despicable to pack your post with irrelevant keywords, for example:

Porn, “Micheal Jackson”, “Weight Loss”, Uighurs, “Earn Millions”, Lesbians, Socialism,
Drugs, Erectile, Nascar, Football, Taxes, “Sarah Palin”, AIG, Baldness, Transformers,
“Barely Legal”, Ahmadinejad, Crime, Abortion, “Mafia Wars”, G8, Obama, Nobama

so I couldn’t do it myself, it’s just a idea that I wanted to share with my friends who may be desperate narcissists willing to do something like that.

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