Forbes’s InstaPoll: Do You Support Young, Illegal Immigrants?

Randy Forbes recently sent the following instapoll question to his subscribers:

instaPoll: Do you support the President’s new immigration policy that would allow young, illegal immigrants to legally live and work in the U.S?

Push polls like Forbes’s instapolls lie twice. First, they lie to the respondent by presenting a misleading suggestion as a question, then to the public by presenting an opinion about a distorted idea as if it were an opinion about an actual situation. When Randy Forbes discovers, as a result of his judicious information gathering efforts, that (surprise!) his subscribers don’t support “young, illegal immigrants”, he’ll paint President Obama as a leader out of touch with is people, and turn even more people away from the president’s policies since so many of us are low-information voters who simply go along with the crowd, or at least with were we think the the crowd is going.

But it’s all lies. Many young, illegal immigrants will continue to be deported under the president’s new policy, and most Americans approve of allowing tax-paying workers or students, who only know America as their home because they came here as children, to apply for green cards.

Push polls are an insipid method of changing public opinion from one based on facts to one based on distortions, under the guise of seeking information. Randy Forbes is not interested in hearing the opinions of his constituents, and when he seems to be asking questions, he’s actually presenting ideas and gathering support for his own agenda, using distorted, misleading rhetoric if necessary.

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