The War on Tebowing

I get a feed for the most popular headlines on Fox News. Today, one of those headlines is High school basketball players beaten for ‘Tebowing’. This fight happened after a game between Wando and West Ashley high schools in Charleston County, South Carolina. These schools have a history of after-game violence, and an even worse fight broke out last year. There is a real problem with these high schools that should be addressed. Thankfully the injuries were not serious.

But even though the violence-prone rivalry between these two schools is newsworthy, I don’t think this story would be in the most popular list if it wasn’t for the misleading “War-on-Christians” slant that the headline implies. The fight didn’t break out because of an act of Christianity. It was triggered by a display of celebration. Excessive celebration is against the rules in most leagues today.

I can’t get into the head of Tim Tebow, who might be genuine is his need to pray openly in front of an audience of billions, in defiance of Mathew 6:6, but I think for most young athletes, Tebowing is the new ass wiggling. Try to stop it though, and you’ll be up against a national army of Christians with a persecution complex.

The story of the fight between Wando and West Ashley students is a story about sports related violence and violence in high schools, which are important topics. But a story about a basketball fight that didn’t result in any serious injuries, involving two schools with a history of fighting, doesn’t rake in the advertising dollars as well as a headline about Christians getting beaten up for praying.

3 thoughts on “The War on Tebowing

  1. I think that he is just doing it to make money. I think he is a fraud and I think it is disgusting.

    I also think it needs to go away and that Christians need to get it through their heads that they are not being oppressed (which will never happen because they do really know that they aren’t and are just using this as a tool to force religion on the US).

    You should Google Jimmy Falon David Bowie Tim Tebow. It is worth your time.

    1. You’re probably right. Considering what the Bible actually says, anybody who prays in front of an audience is likely a fraud.

      1. And there is good reason for that. Faith should be private because it is supposed to be a relationship between one and their deity of choice.

        He simply disgusts me at the same level of TV megachurches. Religion of any kind should never be exploited for advancement or money. Christians should be offended and I am sure that the “real” ones are. Sadly, the minority fundamentalist “oppressed” Christians are very loud.

        False prophets and such.

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