Cinder Block Smoker

There’s plenty of information out there about building a cinder block smokehouse, and we’re still experimenting with ours, so don’t use this as your definitive guide

We’ve built a pretty small one and dug down the depth of one block to make it easier to reach the top.

Cblock Smoker: Basement

We offset some of the blocks to make ridges on which we place crossbars for hanging meat.

Cblock Smoker: Offset Blocks

Here’s a full view.

Cblock Smoker: Full View


The fire goes in the channel at the foot of the smoker. The cinder blocks between the channel and the smoker are sideways to allow smoke to pass through the openning. With the channel covered with a piece of metal, the smoker becomes a big chimney and draws the smoke into the chamber where the meat hangs. We’re having a little trouble controlling the temperature, so I’ll post some more info when we get all the bugs worked out.

update: Fixed spelling error in the title.