An Error by Proxy

After criticizing the wingnut faction, in a Sasha by Proxy post, for not doing ten minutes of fact checking, I noticed an error in my original post. I corrected the error with an update. Fortunately, the discovery of the error doesn’t nullify my main point, but the error was significant, and it’s embarrassing to acknowledge such an error in a post that slams other people for their mistakes.

Even before I discovered the error (which I did on my own after some post-post fact-checking), I had toned down the language from my original post. I had some errands to do after publishing the original, but while I was out I was regretting the use of the word “idiot” in one sentence. I’m far more creative with my derogatory nouns and adjectives while I’m at the keyboard than I am in real life. When I finally got back to make the change, I noticed that I had not only used the word in one sentence, I also included “idiocy” and “idiotic” in two other places. I made the changes, but decided to keep the word “nonsense”, and some other unflattering language in place, because that’s what the War On Christmas nonsense is. Believing the nonsense doesn’t necessarily make you an idiot. Maybe you just need to do more fact-checking. I plan to continue using the word “wingnuts” for people who use lies, errors, and distortions to support certain ideas, including the idea that it’s wrong, or anti-American to respect the wonderful diversity of this great nation.

The reason I published that post on Sasha by Proxy is it was Sasha who purchased the GPS receiver (I like getting lost), and Sasha who told me about the Best Buy controversy. She made the comment about how, after Thanksgiving, no-one is allowed to acknowledge any holiday other than Christmas. Based on that, I did some quick fact-checking and wrote the post. Obviously, my fact-checking was a bit too quick.

Sasha by Proxy

Since I can’t keep on my own blogs, it may seem a bit ambitious to start a new one. But I’ve been trying to get Sasha to start blogging and have had no success. Sasha don’t blog. She reads blogs (not mine, of course), but won’t write one. But she does talk (and how), and frequently drops pearls of wisdom that I feel should be shared with the world. And so I present Sasha by Proxy: (Improvisations on Sasha’s Thoughts). Sasha by Proxy will include tidbits on such topics as knitting, cooking, philosophy, politics, and chickens. I don’t know how well I can keep it going, since in addition to the work of typing another blog, it requires me to pay attention to Sasha, which is difficult with my short attention span and her long monologues, especially when she talks about knitting. But I’ll do my best. Enjoy.