Wynne Legrow for Congress.

Last year, Randy Forbes got a lot of support by mis-characterizing the public option as a government takeover. Thanks in part to his opposition, the public option died, and today right-wingers cite percentages of people who are unhappy with the health care bill without noting the fact that a lot of people are only upset about the concessions that were made to opposition.

I’ll give Mr. Forbes credit. He’s not as nasty as members of his party who are making the rudest insults and wildest accusations about the president and Democrats in general. He is a polite, well spoken gentleman and I would probably like him as a neighbor.

But as politician, he’s dangerous. While he refrains from the worst of Republican behaviors, he rides the waves generated by the lies of his party. His pleasant demeanor provides a false sense of credibility for the worst policies of the right wing, which he supports with lock-step party-line zeal while claiming to be above partisan bickering.

Unfortunately, support for wars based on mis-information, hate-based immigration rhetoric, violations of the first amendment, and mis-characterizations about health care have made Randy Forbes unbeatable in election after election for Virginia’s 4th congressional district.

It’s time for a change, and that change comes, perhaps ironically, in the form of another polite, well-spoken gentleman, Wynne Legrow. As a retired physician with nearly thirty years experience, he and his wife Marilyn, a nurse, know a bit about health care, and will speak honestly against the lies that have blunted what could have been a better reform bill. That he has built a successful medical practice, including his own dialysis center, means he also knows about business and economics, and has what it takes to implement successful strategies. And Dr. Legrow served his country in the U.S. Army.

Dr. Legrow is an outsider, driven into politics by a desire to prevent this nation from backsliding towards the awful policies that we’re finally starting to recover from. He has no need to promote himself with populist rhetoric.

Dr. Legrow will continue to support health care reform, as well as intelligent wall street regulation and clean energy policies. Despite the rhetoric from the right, these policies are being proven effective as our economy shows signs of recovery, while the opposing policies have resulted in a series of economical and environmental disasters.

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