Virginians: You mad yet?

After decades of grousing about service, family values, the rule of law, executive restraint, and the dignity of the Office of the President, Republicans elected a draft-dodging, sexually abusive philanderer who has no understanding of the Constitution, boasts about all his executive orders, and embarrasses the nation with his childish tweets and his reality show cabinet of hired and fired loudmouths.

Are you mad enough to do something about it yet?

I ask because the goon who now soils the world’s most dignified office has a minion poised to do the same to the highest office in Virginia.

You can stop it by voting. And when you vote, don’t stop at Governor. Because every Republican victory only encourages Republican hatred, lies, and embarrassing behavior.

Sure, a lot of Republicans are decent human beings. But what good is a decent Republican who doesn’t denounce the hatred and lies of their party’s leadership? What good is a decent Republican who supports the lie that smart immigration policy is the same as supporting vicious gangs? What good is a decent Republican who doesn’t stand up to the NRA as they distort the meaning of our Constitution to make money from the blood and fear of American citizens? What good is a decent Republican who will throw away federal funds for Medicaid expansion just to spite hard working Virginians who might benefit from it?

This is the year for real Virginians to show the wold that we’re smart enough to see the truth behind the lies and bring back some dignity to hour highest offices. This is the year we get to the polls and vote for Democrats up and down the ticket.

Despite Negativity, Vote

I’ve been knocking on doors in support of McAuliffe, Northam and Herring. A few people who spoke with me told me they’re not voting because they’re fed up with all the negativity.

Well I’m sorry, but sometimes you have to go negative. Sometimes, remaining aloof doesn’t make you better and doesn’t make you right. It makes you lazy.

When one of the candidates for governor is a climate change denier who improperly used his office while he was attorney general to harass a university professor who’s views are more mainstream, it would be remiss not to mention that fact. It would stupid not mention E.W. Jackson’s crazy rants about homosexuality and equal rights, and it would be a failure not to point out that Mark Obenshain will likely follow in Ken Cuccinelli’s footsteps of pursuing a right-wing social agenda at the expense of properly fulfilling his duties.

In endorsing Mark Herring for Attorney General, the Lynchburg News and Advance necessarily goes negative on Ken Cuccinelli and Mark Obenshain:

Virginia’s current attorney general, Republican Ken Cuccinelli (who’s now running for governor), is perhaps the greatest example of the twisting of the office’s constitutional mission. From his quixotic pursuits of former University of Virginia climate scientist Michael Mann and the federal Affordable Care Act to his politicization of the regulatory process, as in drafting regulations for the state’s abortion providers, he’s injected partisan politics into the office to a degree not seen in modern Virginia history.

Obenshain, a state senator from Harrisonburg, presents a much more moderate image as opposed to Cuccinelli, but his past political stands suggest he would pursue the same issues and policies as Cuccinelli, though in a less confrontational style. From his votes on a myriad of hot-button social issues such as a legally questionable “personhood” bill to his “law-and-order” agenda, we have no reason to expect a return to the office’s original mission.

If you are choosing not to get involved this year because you’re tired of the negativity, then you are choosing to remain ignorant, and your choosing to abdicate your rights. You will be handing your responsibility over to right wing extremists who will come out this election, driven mostly by their hatred for the president and their desire to prevent his policies from helping millions of Virginians.

Polls suggest that more people support the Democrats running for Richmond this year, and while McAuliffe and Northam are polling very well, if supporters stay home then we may lose the much closer race for attorney general. And Mr. Cuccinelli has shown us the kind of damage an attorney general can do.

So please, deal with the negativity and vote Tuesday.

My Favorite Candidates & Committees

I made an Act Blue page for some of my favorite candidates and committees, and it includes some of the intelligent, kind, and motivated people who I met last night at the Jefferson Jackson Dinner. What may seem like striking omissions are Terry McAliffe, Ralph Northam, and Mark Herring. Of course I support the those campaigns very strongly, but I wanted to use this post and the Act Blue page to highlight some of the committees and campaigns that won’t get as much attention as the statewide campaigns. On the Act Blue page, you can make a single contribution and have it split among each candidate and committee on the list, or you can select individual entities and customize your contributions.

At the top of the list is the Suffolk Democratic Committee. Your contribution to the SDC helps its members arrange fundraising events for Suffolk, regional, and statewide Democratic candidates, like the event this Tuesday, July 2nd, for Mark Herring. SDC members also work to register new voters, help those who have lost their voting rights regain them, and educate the public about important issues.

SDC Logo

Also on the list is the Isle of Wight County Democratic Committee. IOWCDC just won the Grassroots Committee of the Year (in medium sized committee category). IOWCDC members have been following the “Boots on the Ground” philosophy which the Democratic Party of Virginia has been endorsing and which will put Democrats in the offices of Governor, LT Governor, and Attorney General this year.

The first candidate on the list is Kerry Holmes, running for the 14th Virginia Senate district. We have a special chance to turn the Virginia Senate Blue this August, thanks to the retirement of State Senator Harry Blevins, a Republican. Kerry is the epitome of what Republicans want you to believe Democrats aren’t, a church-going, fiscally conservative veteran. There’s room in the Democratic party for conservative ideas and values but there no longer seems to be any room in the Republican party for reasonable ideas which conflict with the Tea Party agenda. Electing Kerry Holmes will restore some sanity to the Virginia Senate.

Susan Hippen is running for Virginia House of Delegates district 21. Master Chief (retired) Hippen wants to create better opportunities for families in Virginia. During her service in the Navy, Hippen served as Command Master Chief of CNATTU, Naval Air Station Oceana and the Division Leading Senior Chief Petty Officer of the Avionics and Armament Intermediate Maintenance Department (IM3) onboard the aircraft carrier USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT (CVN-71). She has the endorsement of Terry McAuliffe, Creigh Deeds, and host of other impressive personalities.

Traci Dippert is running for the seat in the 30th House of Delegates district. She is the chairperson of the Cullpepper Democratic Committee and an elementary school teacher. She entered the race because is concerned with her opponent’s record on education, and believes teachers should have all the necessary resources to prepare our children and grandchildren with a well-rounded education to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

William Quarles is running for the 65th. He has experience as a teacher, a supervisor, and a small business owner who believes in education and that his opponent is out of touch on issues such as education, womans’ rights, and healthcare.

Jennifer Boysco, who says “It’s hard to believe that Richmond is still debating things like birth control”, is running for House district 86. I can’t do better than to pull this quote from Blue Virginia:

Jennifer will breathe fresh air into the House of Delegates. She’s a wonderful person, as evidenced by near endless community service. If someone is hurting, Jennifer is there. After Katrina, Jennifer was there to help collect donations. I have lost count of all the philanthropic efforts and kindnesses Jennifer models for the rest of us. Whether it is in efforts for schools, seniors, or the poor, she’s an inspiration.

Finally, two candidates who aren’t on my ActBlue page because they aren’t using ActBlue for fundraising:

Linda Bryant is Army Veteran, an attorney, and a law school professor who’s husband is a Naval Special Operations Officer with the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) unit stationed at Little Creek. She is a powerhouse with a long and impressive resume of applying her legal skills to public service including putting criminals behind bars, training on internet safety, and providing advisement on ethics compliance.

Elizabeth Jones, is a retired educator with 32 years experience and the chair of the Pittsylvania County Democratic Committee. She is running for the 16th House district and plans to conduct a clean, positive campaign that will listen to the residents and focus on solutions to move the 16th District’s economy forward.

These are just some of the important Democrats running this year. Every year is an election year in Virginia and this year is just as important as last year. Please visit my ActBlue page and/or (especially in Linda Bryant’s case) visit the websites and learn more about these individuals who will make an important difference in Virginia.

Update (2013 June 30) Added photos, & cleaned up some embarrassing grammatical errors.
Update (2013 July 1) Added Elizabeth Jones.