“Renewables are able to meet our energy demands”

Me, in response to More important than Fukushima:

… The alternatives are either heavy polluters or new technology which hasn’t proven capable of meeting our demands. There’s only one real solution: we have to use less energy …

Paxus, in response to me:

…In the last 5 years there has been 230K MW of wind and solar power installed world wide this is about the equivalent of 230 full sized reactors … Renewables are able to meet our energy demands AND it would be a huge help if we were able to consume less …

I’m a little skeptical, and quite a bit worried about the future, but Paxus is more of an optimist, and he has done a whole lot more research on this than I have.

Paxus of Twin Oaks

I’ve been using more graphics as per the advice of Paxus, of the Twin Oaks community in Mineral, Virginia. I enjoy reading about Twin Oaks and occasionally think about joining such a community, but Sasha and I are going off in our own direction, and when I stop obsessing about politics and economics I’ll get back to writing more about our farm.

What I like most about Twin Oaks is it proves that people can are motivated to participate in fulfilling the needs of their community even without the promise if individual wealth (or threat of being sent to the Gulag). Right wingers often accuse the Left of having so little faith in humanity that we need an authoritative government entity to force people to do the right thing. But at Twin Oaks, they have so much faith in humanity that they’re willing to base their success on the idea that people will willingly work for the common good.