Tim Kaine’s Loyalty Arouses Obama Bashing Commenters

The Pilot’s report, “Kaine says he’ll stand by Obama in Senate bid”, generated predictable comments from on-line readers. One commenter said, (in part)

President Obama raised the debt to 14 TRILLION dollars.
Let’s give credit where credit is due-but of course, our AAA bond rating has been cut to AA with Obama in office, too.

I’m amazed that the bond rating loss can be used as a club to beat Obama with. My reply:

With Obama in office
Submitted by bnmng on Tue, 11/15/2011 at 7:29 am.

the debt reached 14 trillion. But it was already 10 trillion when Obama took office and half of the debt is due to tax cuts and wars. Even if you support both wars, don’t say “14 trillion” without acknowledging how much wars and cutting taxes for the rich during war time has cost the nation.

According to the S&P report the bond rating drop was due to Republican obstructionism in Congress.

It’s going to be a tough race for Obama and his supporters if people don’t read past the headlines and one-liners and see what’s really causing our economic troubles and how much has been done to hold our economy steady during a world-wide economic crises which started here.