Suffolk News Herald Sort of Covers Mark Herring’s Visit.

The Suffolk News Herald covered Mark Herring’s visit to our city, but a large portion of the article was devoted to defending Mark Obenshain from one of Senator Herring’s campaign talking points. The article briefly mentions how Senator Herring described Senator Obenshain’s bill:

Herring said his fellow senator supported a bill that would require women to report miscarriages to police within 24 hours “like they were a potential criminal.”

, then continues to summarize Senator Obenshain’s explanation,

With filing deadlines approaching, Obenshain introduced the bill with the intention of fine-tuning the language during the session. However, he ultimately dropped the bill after concluding that any bill addressing situations similar to the Rockingham case “would have unintended consequences for women suffering a miscarriage,” Garst said in Logan’s statement.

You can read Senator Obenshain’s own words on Not Larry Sabato.

After receiving backlash, Senator Obenshain stated that he would rewrite or withdraw the bill. But the backlash was easily predictable by the reaction to John Cosgrove’s very similar bill in the House.

No amount of fine-tuning could have kept that bill from being exactly what Senator Herring described it to be. A major rewrite could have made the bill less extreme, but then it wouldn’t have been the bill that Senator Obenshain introduced.

Another unfortunate aspect of the article was it lacked any mention of Kerry Holmes, who spoke before Senator Herring. Kerry Holmes is running for the State Senate 14th District against Delegate John Cosgrove, in a special election to replace Harry Blevins on August 6th. It was John Cosgrove who introduced the miscarriage bill in the House.

Gathing at Campaign Office

Kerry Holmes for Virginia Senate

I met with Kerry Holmes yesterday at Constant’s Wharf. Kerry Holmes is the Democrat running against Republican John Cosgrove.for Virginia’s 14th Senatorial district in a special election to replace retiring Republican Harry Blevins.

Many Democrats are skeptical about a win for the 14th Senatorial District. The region, which includes parts of Suffolk, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Franklin, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton, traditionally votes 60% Republican. But Kerry can win this election.

Kerry, Kimberly, and Kaitlyn Holmes (2008 photo)
Kerry, Kimberly, and Kaitlyn Holmes (2008 photo)

Kerry will charm Virginians with his soft, friendly demeanor and impress them with is elocution, honesty, and political knowledge. He will win swing voters with his military service, his faith, and his promise of fiscal restraint while supporting Democratic values on vital issues such as Medicaid expansion, background checks, and equal rights.

A Democratic win in this special election will give the Virginia Senate a Democratic majority, and it will keep the 14th Virginia Senatorial district out of the hands of an ALEC state chairman and hero of right wing gun organizations that helped defeat sensible background check legislation.

Additionally a win for Kerry Holmes will be a win for the Western Tidewater region, which is underrepresented in the General Assembly, as are Democrats.