Hypocrisy Not

Keven Drum makes a good point that not only is Obama not hypocritical for supporting a Democratic super pack, but

If you’re a Republican governor who objects to the stimulus bill, you’d be actively irresponsible not to take your share of the money once it’s there. If you oppose earmarks, you still have an obligation to your district to take them as long as they exist.

Agreed. I remember when William Raspberry (I’m that old), a columnist and an advocate for gun control, shot an intruder. I never felt that was hypocritical. It makes sense to arm yourself in a world where criminals are running around with guns because of weak gun-control laws. Wealthy advocates of higher taxes for the rich are sometimes accused of hypocrisy for not giving all their money away. But that’s just ridiculous.

On the other hand, it’s still hypocrisy to claim that government doesn’t create jobs while promising to build a moon-base using a portion of NASA’s budget. It’s still hypocrisy to develop a health care mandate, prove that such a mandate works, and then run for office claiming such a mandate is is bad for the country.

There will be a whole lot of hypocrisy to talk about during this election, but playing by rules, even if you think those rules are unfair, is not hypocrisy. It’s sensible. And it’s true for the right as well as the left.