Allen West: Latest Self-Serving Race-Baiting Lowlife to Compare Zimmerman/Martin to Unrelated, Horrific, Black on White Crimes

While talking on Fox News about George Zimmerman, Allen West demonstrated what a self-promoting scoundrel he is by referring to two horrific Black on White crimes and pointing out that “we still have not heard from the NAACP or the media”. One of those crimes involved the murder of a baby and the other to the gruesome murder of a couple in Knoxville.

The difference is those crimes were investigated and the criminals were punished. Is the NAACP supposed to call for an investigation? Is the NAACP supposed to demand their arrest? Or is Allen West waiting for the NAACP to come out with a statement saying, “Gosh, we Black folk sure do commit us some sick ass crimes.”?

As I previously pointed out, there have been Black on White and White on Black crimes before and since the Zimmerman case and I personally haven’t seen much about them in the headlines and I certainly haven’t seen the NAACP call for justice for either Black on White or White on Black crimes in which the killers have been apprehended.

Allen West brought up these crimes for the same reason White supremacist sites blog about them. They’re particularly heinous, the victims were White, and the criminals Black. They have nothing to do with Zimmerman. These sick crimes strike revulsion in the hearts of almost every Black person who hears about them just as they do for almost every White person, but they give bigots something to point to and say, “This is what Black people are like”.

Colonel West managed to rile up a bunch of bigots, some of whom are ready to put West in the White House so they can continue talk about what depraved animals they think -most- Black people are while saying, “But I’m not a bigot, I supported a Black guy”.

“Martha Speaks” is a story about a talking dog. In the Martha books, other dogs are still slobbering animals but Martha is almost human. That’s what your supporters think of you, Colonel West. And since they have so little knowledge of or respect for the White House that they’ll vote for a guy just because he seems like the kind of guy you can have a beer with, they’d be just as willing vote for a guy who they think of as almost human just to deflect accusations of racism, as long as the almost human figurehead serves to promote their message. These are the people that you’re pandering to, and their ideas are the ideas that you’re endorsing by using cases of horrific violence to make accusations about reverse racism.

False Analogies about Trayvon Martin & George Zimmerman

Ever since the public outcry about the initial failure to arrest George Zimmerman last year, several right wing bloggers found that a nice way to get hits is to find a story about a Black on White killing, accuse liberals & the media of covering it up, and accuse Black people of being irrational.

An early example from the American Thinker asks what would happen if the races of Martin and Zimmerman were reversed, and procedes to answer:

There would be no white mobs in the street chanting “No justice, no peace!” There would be no whites holding a “million hoodie march” in New York City. There would be no white equivalent of Al Sharpton, […] And there would be no national media attention from biased, left-wing “reporters.” […] We know this because in fact, such an event occurred in 2009 [..] Roderick Scott, a black man, shot and killed an unarmed white teen, Christopher Cervini, whom he believed was burglarizing a neighbor’s car, with a licensed .40 cal. handgun.

The American Thinker must spend a lot of time thinking up ways to spin false conclusions from actual facts. There are similarities, but the Scott-Cervini shooting is not a negative image of the Zimmerman-Martin shooting. For one thing, it’s generally agreed upon that Cervini was actively involved in a crime during the shooting. More significantly, Roderick Scott was arrested and tried.

A more recent and disturbing example comes from The Daily Caller. This post is disturbing because there are no similarities. It’s simply an example of Black on White crime posted to incite hatred. The post begins with “WARNING: THIS POST IS RACIST”, but despite the sarcastic deflection, it is. Its only saving grace is the racism displayed by the author, Jim Treacher, pales against the racism of many of the commenters. Mr. Treacher and his readers should also note that when President Obama said his son would look like Trayvon Martin, it’s because there actually is a faint resemblance. If you look at every Black thug you see in the news and decide he looks as much like Obama as Martin did, you might be a racist.

If you can stand to read the comments on the Daily Caller post, you’ll notice some written by commenters brave enough to speak truth to the bigots and idiots who make up much of the Daily Caller’s readership. Many point out the primary difference: The four thugs of the Daily Caller post were arrested and treated like murderers.

For all race-baiting bloggers who dig through the news for Black on White crime and ask where the outrage is, I can do the same: Where’s the public outcry against Gary Smith, a White Army Ranger who shot and killed a Black Army Ranger in the head, and was found guilty of manslaughter rather than 2nd degree murder. Apparently putting a gun to someone’s head and pulling the trigger is “negligent”. Where’s the outrage against James Biddinger, a White man who stabbed Kevin Mbayo to death in an argument over a clogged toilet. Where’s the outrage over Natalia Wilson, who murdered a mixed race 8 year old boy and his mother over a romantic quarrel.

All of these cases went by without Black mobs chanting “No justice, no peace!”, without Al Sharpton, and without national media attention.

It should be obvious that there must be some reason other than the fact that Trayvom Martin was Black and George Zimmerman is half-White for the Martin-Zimmerman case to have caused such outrage. That reason (among others) is, Zimmerman wasn’t going to be arrested. It’s simply not true that Black people go hysterical when a White guy shoots a Black guy.

I was accused of being ready to convict Zimmerman without a trial. That is not true. Zimmerman may be found innocent and that verdict may even by justified. If there was a timely investigation into the shooting, then Zimmerman’s trial would just be another crime which may or may not have gotten any notable coverage.

Any blogger who posts a Black on White crime and wonders about why that crime doesn’t get the attention that Trayvon Martin’s shooting has gotten, at the very least, hasn’t done his homework. At worst, that blogger is deliberately calling for racial violence under the guise of some sick version of justice.

Update July 14th: And I should have mentioned Michael Dunn

Why Black-on-White Crime Statistics are Not an Appropriate Response

A friend (real friend, someone I actually know) posted this on facebook last week:

Dear Racist FB Friends: I know that black people kill white people, just like white people kill black people. It’s OLD NEWS. Old, ancient, boring, sickening news. Can we please focus on loving one another instead of spreading hate and discontent and fomenting racism? Every time I see one of you post *yet another* status about black-on-white crimes, I feel a little sicker and even more disheartened about our world. Move on.

At the time she wrote this, I hadn’t seen many posts or comments about the black-on-white vs white-on-black crime ratio, but since then it’s become ubiquitous.

I image there are people who don’t understand why black-on-white crime statistics aren’t relevant to the outrage over the delay to arrest George Zimmerman. The following is an attempt to explain it.

I am White. There exist violent thugs who are White. Those thugs do not represent me. They are not my agents. I get nothing from their crimes. When a White murderer kills innocent Black people, the White race does not get a point. And I am not personally responsible for George Zimmerman’s actions.

The same would be true if I were Black, in reference to Black criminals. Black criminals don’t act on behalf of law abiding Black people. The Black race gets no points for crimes against Whites. There have been Black people committing violent acts against White people in retaliation for Trayvon Martin, but most Black people have nothing to do with them, and are not responsible for their actions.

The outrage over Mr. Zimmerman is not about the actions of criminals. It’s not even about George Zimmerman. The outrage is about the apparent approval of Trayvon Martin’s death by the lawmakers and enforcers who are supposed to keep us safe. It’s about the feeling of some law abiding citizens that race and demographics, rather than deeds, determine who gets punished for crimes and who gets to go free.

Gun ownership is much higher among White people than Black people, so stand-your-ground laws do not provide equal protection. While laws and attitudes which encourage vigilantism might increase the amount of people who kill criminals, they also increase the amount of people who mistakenly kill innocents who they assume to be threats. People who fear falling into the “assumed threat” category don’t see this as a fair trade-off.

Some White commenter’s have asked, since so many Black people kill so many White people, why isn’t it White people who are protesting against Blacks? But White people have protested, and the result has been laws and attitudes which enabled George Zimmerman to track down Trayvon Martin and start a confrontation with him while armed and ready to kill.

One particularly mean spirited writer suggested that Blacks and Whites should call it even, considering the balance of racial oppression against the violence of Black criminals. But again I emphasize, criminals are not agents of law abiding citizens, and should not be treated as their representatives.

Instead of Blacks protesting Whites and Whites protesting Blacks, law abiding citizens should protest criminals. And instead of laws which promote confrontations, we should have laws that reduce crime. These laws include youth programs, police outreach and increased patrols (by which I mean more cops, not more overworked cops), better education, safe public transportation, and perhaps even increased gun ownership.

The protests aren’t about equaling the balance of cross-race crimes or the desire to protect Black criminals as equally as White criminals. The protests are about equal protection of the law and and a desire to protect law abiding citizens.

George Zimmerman’s Heritage is Inconsequential

When I started looking at headlines about the killing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman, one of the top results from Google was a you-tube video titled “(Jew) George Zimmerman Kills (Black kid)Trayvon Martin”. Then I found on, “Media Labels Hispanic Man White in Shooting of Black Teen”.

We know now that George Zimmerman is Catholic. His father, Robert Zimmerman is apparently white and, based solely on his name, may be of Jewish decent. His mother is Peruvian.

George Zimmerman’s heritage is not of much consequence. We know that racial stereotypes can be held even by those affected by those stereotypes, as illustrated in the Clark Doll experiments. George Zimmerman assumed Trayvon Martin was a trouble maker who didn’t belong in his neighborhood, and while it’s possible that his assumption wasn’t based on Martin’s race, it seems extremely likely that it was. It wasn’t based on his own race.

Trayvor Martin’s death illustrates an important fact about race in America. That fact is not that Jews hate Blacks, Latinos hate Blacks or even Whites hate Blacks. The fact is that all of us too often assume the worst about Black people.

Arrest George Zimmerman

I try to understand all sides of a story, so I looked through headlines about Trayvor Martin and George Zimmerman. I tried to find what the hard-core right wing sites, like were saying. Perhaps Trayvor Martin was caught stealing candy from the checkout aisle while his Mom was paying for groceries. Perhaps he was sent to the principal’s office in 6th grade for disruptive behavior. Perhaps he got into a fight with a White kid in high school. But the only headline I found on Breitbart was “Media Labels Hispanic Man White in Shooting of Black Teen”. If that’s the best the right wing can come up in their mission to accuse the liberal media of being unfair to White people then Trayvor Martin must have been an angel.

Oddly enough, the best defense for the delay in arresting Zimmerman comes not from the hard right but from NPR. And the reason for the delay, according to NPR, is not that anyone thinks George Zimmerman is innocent, but that Florida’s outrageous “Stand Your Ground” law makes it difficult to prosecute anyone who claims self defense as a motive for an apparent murder.

In theory, Florida’s miserable and dangerous law, which has been adopted by 16 other states (according to the NPR story), is a double edged sword. In theory, someone who kills a White person could claim “self defense” just as easily as someone who kills a Black person. But I think supporters of the law are not so much Whites looking to kill Blacks with impunity, but rather White people who believe that Black people already kill Whites with impunity. They feel under siege in a world where liberal judges feel sorry for Black murderers and refuse to punish them for anything. If you ask them why there are so many Black people in prison, they might conclude that Black people are so murderous that even though we only incarcerate a tiny percentage of them, it’s still enough to skew the prison population. They knew a Zimmerman case would come up, but they feel it’s better than letting Black people run around raping and killing their daughters. These people aren’t White supremacists, they’re Orks who believe the lies of supremacists and the suggestions of right wing pundits and politicians.

Thanks to these paranoid, gun-slinging Orks, we have laws in seventeen states that encourage the murder of innocent young men.

With the crazy law in place, there are complications which make arresting Zimmerman tricky. But I still don’t believe the “Stand Your Ground” law is enough to let Mr. Zimmerman remain free. It seems almost certain that Mr. Zimmerman chased Mr. Martin and instigated some kind of conflict, and it appears that Mr. Martin was not a threat at the time of his death. The case might not be as easy as some think it is, but I find it hard to even imagine that a good investigation can fail to find enough evidence to take a disturbed and dangerous man like George Zimmerman off the street.

There is a petition (probably one of many) for the proper investigation and prosecution of George Zimmerman. Hopefully this will not only pressure investigators in the Zimmerman case, it will also pressure lawmakers to reconsider laws which encourage the murder of innocent people like Trayvor Martin.

Update, March 25: I said the right wing media couldn’t find any dirt on Trayvon Martin. That was true at the time, but now we know that Mr. Martin had been suspended from school. I still don’t see how that justifies Mr. Martin being hunted down by Mr. Zimmerman.