Firefox Remembers Zoom Setting (even if you forgot)

I have a copy of a joomla-based website on my laptop, so I can mess around with it off-line, and I was getting frustrated because the font on my laptop copy was larger than the live version. I re-downloaded the css files, checked various config parameters and basically did everything I could to make sure my laptop had a true copy of the live version, and still, the fonts on my laptop copy were bigger than the live version. I even deleted my cookies.

As it turned out, it wasn’t the website, it was Firefox. I had, apparently, used Firefox’s zoom feature once to enlarge the font; and Firefox remembered, not just the page, but the server on which I had zoomed the font. In this case, the server was my local copy.

I hate when software does things for me without telling me. It’s so Microsoft.

Anyway, here’s an article about disabling this feature:

Disabling Firebug fixed the Twitter Problem

As I said in my original post about this problem, I don’t use Twitter much. And I pretty much gave up trying to fix my Firefox/Twitter problem until I got a note that a friend was following me (not much to follow; I hadn’t tweeted in months). I looked into it again and I found that the tool I was using to figure the problem out was causing the problem in the first place. Or at least part of the problem. I think that Twitter uses some bad javascript but that it goes unnoticed unless Firebug is enabled, and for some reason Firebug not only reports the problem but causes further problems. I don’t really know what’s going on. All I know is disabling Firebug works for me.

I still can’t figure out why I haven’t found more information on this problem. It would seem that David and I are the only two people in the world who use Twitter and Firefox with Firebug enabled (and I’m only assuming that David does have Firebug enabled. He might have a completely different problem). Maybe others use Firebug and Twitter with no problems, and there’s something else on my system that was a factor.

Twitter Problems, with Firefox on Ubuntu.

I don’t really use twitter, but I’m obsessed with this problem I’m having getting it to work in firefox. I can’t unfollow or do some other functions because the javascript fails. What’s driving me crazy is I cant find any info about it either searching Twitter’s help pages, Firefox’s help pages, or the web. I put in a help request to Twitter, describing the javascript errors that I can see using the debug console. I get errors like “setting a property that has only a getter” and “twttr is undefined”. These seem like problems that would have simple fixes, but I can’t figure out why there aren’t hundreds of posts and bug reports about it.

That being said, I found a way to unfollow using the terminal command line in Linux. The solution is here: and several other places. For a test, I unfollowed the NYTImes with this line: curl -u bnmng:mypassword -d “screen_name=nytimes”