On the Injured List

Jay broke his leg. Since chickens have a ‘no excuses’ policy, the other roosters have been harassing him mercilessly, so we put him in a cage. We thought it would be a good idea to put him with a batch of chicks.


After a few days, we decided he wasn’t happy with the situation and gave him his own cage.

Duck Motherhood

Our usual plan is to let the ducks raise their own ducklings. This usually lasts about two weeks before the mother looses track of her brood and the ducklings eventually wander off to do their part in providing nourishment to natural fauna. It’s amazing to me that the Muscovy breed actually manages to propagate itself in the wild. The ducklings get confused about who their mother is. I occasionally see them following roosters around, and once I saw one trying to keep up with the guineas. Since the mother can’t count, she doesn’t notice her flock diminishing. I suppose after the last one disappears she gets an idea that something’s wrong.

As an experiment we’re trying to circumvent that process by enclosing the ducklings in a little pen. The mother can fly out whenever she wants.

Mother Duck with Ducklings in Pen

She has difficulty getting back in. I think it’s because she gets fixated on her ducklings in a line-of-site orientation, and can’t imagine going the wrong way (up) in order to get to them. So she just wanders in circles around the cage. The ramp helps. We had to put it sideways so we can chase her in a circle around the cage and eventually up the ramp.

Duck Pen with Ramp