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I attended the opening of the Legrow campaign’s Chesapeake office. It was nice. Not as nice as a Suffolk opening would have been, but still nice. Dr. Legrow said he was happy with the recent fund raiser in DC. He couldn’t stay long because he was on his way to Petersburg for another office opening. But he addressed our small group.

He said he was frustrated that so much of politics is about raising money. “To get into office, you have to raise money, and to stay in office, you have to raise money”. He went on to explain that when you’re given money for your campaign, you feel indebted to those who supported you, and it’s easy to become corrupted. Corruption is a problem for Democrats as well as Republicans, Dr. Legrow said, and he will be sure to keep himself from falling into that trap. But despite the vulnerability of both parties to corruption, Democrats and Republicans are not the same. Republicans repeatedly act in support of large corporate donors and against middle class and poor Americans.

Dr. Legrow is a successful medical doctor and entrepreneur. He entered politics because he felt he had to, to help stop and reverse the damage caused by Randy Forbes and those who vote with him. Dr. Legrow believes that global warming is real, effected by human activity, and must be dealt with. Randy Forbes has repeatedly voted for the oil companies and against support for renewable energy and clean-air policies. Dr. Legrow is against discrimination. Randy Forbes voted against ending job discrimination based on sexual orientation. Dr. Legrow knows that we have to make investments to fix the economic crisis that we are facing. Randy Forbes brags about his votes against fixing the economy and helping Americans hardest hit by the economic downturn caused by his party.

But Randy Forbes is a well funded and savvy politician in a district where many people fail to make the connection between Republican leadership and the economic and environmental troubles that we’re facing today, along with the tragedy of a costly war that need not have been started. Wynne Legrow has a hard, uphill battle. It’s easy to think that supporting such a seemingly Quixotic effort to beat the Republican in the 4th congressional district is a waste of your time, energy and money. It’s not. The showing of support for sound and righteous policies will make a difference no matter how the election turns out. Any media attention given to Wynne Legrow will also be given to the issues about which he speaks: the economy, the environment, equal rights, American jobs. Your support will help shed a light on these issues.

While it may be pragmatic to consider our gains even if we loose, let’s not loose sight of the fact that we just might win. Harder battles have been won in the past and will be won in the future. A surprising victory is what gave birth to this nation! Maybe this November, Virginians in the 4th district will remember this Summer’s heat wave even as the snow falls, and maybe the truth about global warming will be understood despite the witty retorts and misleading data presented by the likes of Lord Monckton. Maybe in November, Virginians will realize that even though the president’s economic policies haven’t worked as quickly as we had hoped, the economy is indeed improving, which is the opposite of what was happening when Randy Forbes’s president was in office. Maybe in November people will finally be disturbed by Randy Forbes’s efforts to turn America into a theocracy which, against the most fundamental ideals upon which this country was founded, would integrate religious doctrine with political policy. It is not unrealistic to hope that an intelligent, compassionate, outsider who served his country in uniform before building a successful career out of caring for others, can beat a career politician who consistently votes against the interests of hard working Americans in order to please the wealthiest few.

We can do this. Lets do it. Support Wynne Legrow for Congress.

** Canceled ** Dr. Legrow in Chesapake

** This event has been canceled **

From the Chesapeake Democratic Committee’s Facebook Page (posted by Jim Romeo)

Meet Dr. Wynne LeGrow, Democratic Candidate for US Representative from the 4th District of Virginia (Running against Republican Randy Forbes)


Memorial Weekend Pot Luck Picnic

Saturday May 29th at 2 pm

At Towne Bank Hall on Mt. Pleasant Road in Great Bridge
(Please Do Not call the bank.)

Bring your family and friends with you to celebrate this exciting news. Let’s show our
support to make it worthwhile for him to come to Chesapeake.

To bring the change we voted for, President Obama needs Congressmen that support his agenda. He can’t do it by himself. To help them win, we need to get all those new 2008 voters that voted for him back to the polls. We can do it, with your help.

Let’s show the GOP, the Party of No, and the Tea Party we will win in 2010! YES WE CAN

The wrong message

I was pretty sure Creigh Deeds was going to lose and I knew that if he did, I’d be reading a lot of bullshit about how his loss was a referendum against the Democratic party.

Like I said, “Bullshit”. It was a referendum alright, but it wasn’t a referendum against Democratic values, it was a referendum against lousy candidates. Creigh Deeds was inarticulate, said almost nothing of substance, and then turned traitor with his problematic comments about the public option. Sasha and I had yard signs ready to go. When Deeds made his infamous health care comments, it completely knocked the wind out of our sales.

One thing they’re saying is true: The rush of excitement that gave us President Obama has faded. But fading excitement shouldn’t be interpreted as a reversal of opinion. The people still want health care reform. They want our warriors to stop fighting a war based on lies, they want clean air and clean water and they don’t want to wait for the economy to fix itself while a do-nothing government watches neighborhoods decay and jobs go overseas. And most of them don’t give a crap if some guy marries some other guy.

But it’s hard to get to the polls when your candidate is barely running, seems embarrassed to call himself a Democrat, and if incumbent, is doing a lousy job. Democratic politicians don’t need to pull back on Democratic values, they need to charge harder. And they need to stay true to Democratic values without pandering to the other side.

Democratic citizens shouldn’t give up on what they hoped for last year. These elections were big a set back, but nothing more. Politicians are only part of the equation. They should keep writing letters, join organizations, read news sources that tell the truth, and donate time and money to causes that are important to them.

The future is trending towards the values of equal rights, scientific intelligence, and compassion. It’s just a matter of time.