The Farmer is Not in All of Us.

Maybe I was just in a bad mood about the way the game was going, but I might be the only one in the world who was annoyed by Dodge’s “farmer in all of us” commercial. It was nice to hear praise for people who work hard and sacrifice, but I don’t see the “farmer in” anyone who drives a three ton vehicle to the office. If you want to be a farmer, work on a farm. Just like if you want to be a soldier, see your recruiter. But if you’re thinking of spending 30 to 50 grand on a 4wd quad cab (like the one on TV) than you’re more into making money and showing it off than in making sacrifices and living rough. Most farmers can’t afford a brand new Ram anyway, so the real farmer in you would more likely get a used Dakota. At least that’s what the farmer in me bought. And I still drive the Camry (made in America) when I can because it’s safer for me and for others on the road and it uses less gas.

TV Everywhere, All of the Time

Yay! I can watch TV everywhere, all of the time. And I should encourage my kids to watch TV, everywhere, all of the time. What a wonderful world! Now nobody ever has to not watch TV. Ever! Geez, is anyone else a little disturbed by tonight’s Hulu and Ipad commercials?