A Convert Writes about Universal Health Care

Sasha had me read this post about a former American conservative’s experience with the Canadian health care sysem ..

… I had better prenatal care than I had ever had in the States … and I never had to worry about how much a test cost …. the percentage rates of abortion are far lower in Canada than they are in the USA … a mother pregnant unexpectedly would still have health care … even if she was unemployed, had to quit her job, or lost her job … lest you think that the Canada system is draining the government resources, their budget is very close to balanced every year. They’ve had these programs for decades.

We are in the process of overhauling our health system which, even with the best doctors in the world, fails to meet the needs of millions. Opponents are spending hundreds of millions of dollars trying reverse this process because despite all the money that they’re spending, it’s in their financial interests to go back to the system of skyrocketing health care costs which an ever more exclusive percentage of Americans can afford. For the rest of us, it’s in our interest to keep the process on track.