You lie

According Public Policy Polling (via Balloon Juice via No More Mr. Nice Blog) 41% percent of Republicans think Benghazi is the “biggest political scandal in American history”.

Most of you 41%ers are lying. I’m sure plenty of you believe that there was some kind of big cover-up involving Benghazi, but I don’t believe that most of you think it’s “biggest political scandal in American history”.

As for the third of you who don’t even know where Benghazi is, including the 6% who think it’s in Cuba, I’m not sure if I should count you among the liars or not. If you don’t even know where Benghazi is the proper answer to “Do you think Benghazi is the biggest political scandal in American history, or not?” probably should have been “Not Sure”. On the other hand, you are extremely low information voters who form opinions based on little or no evidence, so maybe “It is” was indeed your most honest guess.

As for the other two thirds, most of you know that Benghazi isn’t the biggest scandal in U.S. history. A lot of you know that it’s not even a real scandal. Maybe you’ve somehow convinced yourself that Obama is a murderous Islamic fundamentalist who loves homosexuals more than he loves God and in that frame of mind you’re willing to accept the most outrageous accusations. But convincing yourself of a lie in order to spread more lies is still lying.

The only scandal is the wild accusations and the obscene partisan effort to use the tragic deaths of four Americans to achieve a political victory for ideas which could cannot be won on their own merits.

Even Benghazi Conspiracy Theorists Should Vote Obama

Benghazi conspiracy theories shouldn’t sway you towards Romney. All of the crazy theories are probably wrong and most of them have to be. The Right wing has a bunch of incompatible stories to explain the President’s incompetence or inhumanity or allegiance to Islamic terrorists or to communists or whatever. Even if one these outrageous stories turns out to be true, logic dictates that the others are false. It wasn’t an inattentive response by a president more interested in his campaign than in American lives and also a decision to allow a U.S. ambassador die to cover up a covert operation. It wasn’t an incompetent response by a president who froze like a deer in the headlights and also a frantic decision to let Americans die because allowing the attack to blow out of control made it easier (by some bizarre logic) to distance the attack from terrorism.

The theories aren’t just incompatible, they’re preposterous. But as with global warming denial and Bill Clinton conspiracy theories, the philosophy is quantity rather than quality. Just keep pounding away with accusations because they can’t all be debunked by election day, and the more outlandish the accusations are, the more likely they are to stick in voters’ minds as election day drawers near.

My own conspiracy theory, (well I thought it was my own until I read similar theories) based on the fact that September 11th 2009, 2010, and 2011 went by smoothly, is that somebody must have put in a strong effort into making sure September 11th 2012 would be a serious embarrassment for the president. This has been a convenient October surprise for the Romney campaign. I know it happened in September, but the definition still applies. I believe the plot included feeding misinformation to our intelligence agencies, and I believe that “The Innocence of Muslims” really did play a part.

I urge undecided voters not to let crazy theories sway you toward Romney. Consider this: If you want Obama to burn if any of these nasty theories about him turn out to be true, then reelect him.

If Obama is defeated, then even if these outrageous accusations turn out to be true, this whole story might just get lost when America’s attention is distracted towards something else. But if these accusations turn out to be false, then we will have allowed terrorists, liars, and lunatic conspiracy theorists control our elections.

On the other hand, if Obama wins and these accusations turn out to be true, this story will be a huge scandal likely leading to the impeachment and trial of President Obama, and a mortifying embarrassment to liberal bloggers like me. It would likely lead to a Republican takeover of congress in two years, and a long-term loss of credibility for the DNC. But if Obama is reelected and these crazy stories about him are false, we will have shown the terrorists and conspirators that they do not tell us who to elect as President of the United States.