Truly Orwellian

The absurd untruths in Kavanaugh’s opinion regarding Wisconsin, along with the thousands of lies told by Trump and the flip-flopping of Senate Republicans regarding their bullshit rule about seating of a Supreme Court justice during an election year strongly suggests that dishonesty is more than just a necessity for Republicans to do business. It’s a feature.

Each time their supporters agree with their blatant lies, they further cement their loyalty. They show that they’re willing to follow Republicans along any path as long as they appeal to their anger and nationalism.

We’ve reached a point where Republicans would have fewer supporters if their lies were more believable.

This is truly Orwellian.

What Nobody Else Says About Trump (but I think I’m right about this)

Donald Trump makes big bets that he usually wins, but sometimes are disastrous.

As a businessman, when he wins, he cheats his taxes, takes the profit, and brags about how smart he is. When he loses, he declares bankruptcy, other people lose their jobs and investments, and he brags about how smart he is.

As a president, when he wins, America does well, anti-Trumpers like me get frustrated, and Trump brags about how smart he is. When he loses, hundreds of thousands of Americans die, millions more lose their income, Trump blames everyone else, and he brags about how smart he is.

Williams Would be Great on City Council. I’m voting for Milteer

I like LeOtis Williams. I’ve supported him in the past when he ran for delegate and I’ll probably support him in future political endeavors. He’s a successful businessman, a philanthropist, and a popular figure in Suffolk. But he shouldn’t be in the race for the Whaleyville seat for Suffolk city council this year.

Given an electorate’s first, second, and third choice, our electoral system often elects the third. This year, that third choice will be Mike Britt, the overtly Republican candidate for Whaleyville.

City council candidates don’t run on party tickets in Virginia, but that rule has become nothing more than a technicality lately. Whaleyville votes almost 2 to 1 for the Democrat. But this year that 2 is going to be split between Williams and Curtis Milteer.

Curtis Milteer has been Whaleyville’s councilman for as long as most of his constituents can remember. Some people are saying it’s time for him to step aside and let someone younger take over. I agree, but Milteer isn’t stepping aside yet and he still has support among constituents who think he’s been good for the borough. I believe that support includes some Republicans. Milteer will lose some votes to Williams but he might still have enough to hold on to his incumbency. Williams, on the other hand, might get enough votes to beat Milteer, but he’s not going to beat Milteer and Britt. Too many Republicans are going vote for Britt and too many of Milteer’s loyalists will vote for Milteer.

And that’s going leave us with Republicans once again cheering and saying, “The people have spoken” as they seat a representative who doesn’t represent the people.

This is a redistricting year which means it’s a bad year to loose a borough to Republicans. Curtis Milteer has been doing a fine job for many years and I have faith he can keep going for a little longer. The chances of a Democrat winning if they split their vote is diminished, but Milteer has a better chance of holding on than Williams has of beating him and Britt together. My vote is too important to throw away. I’m voting for Milteer.

(note, I accidentally posted this while I was still drafting, and the earlier version had incorrect information)

Fuck you, that’s why.

If you could find an honest Republican and ask why it’s OK to push a replacement for Ruth Bader Ginsburg right now, that honest Republican would say, “Fuck you, that’s why”

In early 2016, McConnell said he would not give Merrick Garland his confirmation proceedings because, he argued, voters should get to decide through the presidential election. He has repeatedly reversed his own standard and said he would fill a vacancy under Trump, even in an election year.

His intent to move ahead came despite Ginsburg’s dying wish. In a posthumous statement released to NPR, Ginsburg said: “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.”

McConnell has rationalized his decision by saying the standards were different because the White House and the Senate were controlled by different parties in 2016, which is not the case this year.

It does not matter what bullshit excuse Mitch McConnell or any other lying Republican comes up with for reversing their position. Anything other than “Fuck you” is a lie.

For those who just arrived from distant planets, just four years ago Republicans blocked Obama’s nomination for Supreme Court, claiming that it was too close to an election and the people should have a chance to speak before a nominee is heard. Now we’re much closer to an election than we were back then, and they are ramming through a replacement because they doubt they’ll get the chance after the people have spoken.

Lying is the natural state of Republicans. It’s a requirement for politicians of a party designed to prevent economic mobility which needs votes from people who think they’ll succeed if they work hard. It’s a requirement for voters who support a lying, philandering, draft dodging, executive order issuing, Constitution breaking, police state supporting, hero insulting, dictator loving, “king of debt“, criminal president after pretending for decades that these are the reasons they hate Democrats.

Republicans have always been dishonest, but they used to have some dignity and love for our nation. All that’s left now is lying politicians stringing along racists and ignoramuses while they tighten their grip on power despite the majority of the electorate wanting them out.

Hypocrisy has also been a requirement for Republicans, but they’ve sunk to a new depth now.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s deathbed wish was a request for Republicans to stick to their own stated principals. They’re response is “Fuck you.”

During the Obama years, Pat Leahy who was the chair of the Senate Judicial Committee, boasted about letting the Republican minority have a say in judicial appointments, respecting Senate tradition. Republicans used that courtesy and their own dirty tricks to prevent Obama from filling judicial vacancies. Now, that courtesy is out the window, and Republicans are filling vacancies that they held open while they were the minority. Trump calls these vacancies “golden nuggets” and pretends to wonder why Obama didn’t fill them.

To Republicans, the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a beloved Supreme Court icon, is a big golden nugget. They have no respect for her legacy and no consideration for her dying wish, even if that wish is simply a request for a moment of decent, honest behavior.

Lying Republicans are on social media explaining that it’s in keeping with rules to seat a Supreme Court justice right before an election, and even using Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s words to back them up. They’re playing tricks. Just four years ago they said the opposite of what they’re saying now and anyone who supports this for any reason other than “Fuck you” is a lying hypocrite no matter what the rules are.

Presidential Salary

The presidential salary is $400,000 a year. Trump gives that away every year.

According to Forbes, Trump’s net worth is $2.5 Billion. The presidential salary is 0.016% percent of Trump’s net worth.

The medium net worth in America is $97,300 according to MarketWatch. 0.016% percent of that is $15.57

Imagine a middle class family giving $16 to charity each year, and spending the rest of the year bragging about it.

Can’t decide between believing Trump or the media? Think about what you know

You know Trump got out of serving in Vietnam and then belittled those who served with a joke about his “personal Vietnam”

You know nobody in Trump’s family served

You know Trump insulted John McCain for being captured

You know it took almost two years for Trump to visit the troops overseas

You know Trump got into a public spat with a Gold Star family, saying to the father of a fallen soldier, “I made a lot of sacrifices”

You know that after the capture of Bin Laden, Trump criticized Admiral McRaven, saying he should have done it sooner

You know – or at least should know – that Trump lied to the troops several times about their pay

You know Trump questioned the patriotism of Purple Heart recipient Lt. Col. David Vindman

You know Trump still hasn’t said a thing about the report of Russian bounties on U.S. Troops

And you’re still having trouble believing Trump called U.S. servicemen and women “suckers” and “losers”? What more do you need?

An audacious display of criminality

Imagine your neighborhood is being taken over by a gang. The leader of the gang commits crimes in front of witnesses, then denies having done so. One day he shoots down a rival in broad daylight, then shrugs and says, “Someone call an ambulance! This guy just shot himself the head!”

The point isn’t to convince anyone that the rival killed himself. It’s to show that the gang is so powerful they can get away with anything.

Holding the Republican convention at the White House is the most audacious display of illegal activity by a president that this nation has seen, and the defenses of that crime which fail to mention 18 USC Section 595 may be suitable to convince some, but for most it’s only meant to show that anything Trump does will be justified.

At least Nixon tried to cover up his crimes. Trump flaunts his criminality and expects to be treated as if he’s innocent anyway.

It might still be an exaggeration to say Trump could kill someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose a single voter, but we’ve reached a point where a large number of his supporters would deny it happened, and others would justify it or explain why the president is except.

Trump is a gang leader and our nation has been taken over by a gang. They commit crimes in front of everyone and causally declare that they did nothing wrong.

Some of the bravest people in the world are those who fight gangs. If my analogy is correct, then the rest of us can get a small taste of that bravery by voting against Trump, and being vocal about doing so.

Pre-Pandemic Economy

Remember, the economy was getting better from 2009 to 2017, at a rate Obama’s critics called “anemic”. When Trump took over the economy improved at the same rate, but the deficit had been going down under Obama and skyrocketed under Trump, plunging us into record-breaking debt.  Trump spent money to bail out farmers and industries hurt by his trade war while he cut taxes for the rich.  That was not sustainable.  That was before the pandemic hit.

Pre-pandemic articles comparing Obama’s economy with Trump’s:

Wear your fucking mask

It’s critical for safety that you wear a fucking mask
An easy way to save a life is not too much to ask
Stop bitching like a whiny brat and do this simple task
Just follow rules and common sense and wear your fucking mask

We’re being killed by idiots who won’t obey the rules
Our nation is in peril from our feeble minded fools
They congregate by thousands at the beaches, bars, and pools
They say they aren’t sheeple but they’re monkey headed tools

The general consensus is that masks will stop the spread
How many people have to die to get it in your head?
America now leads the world in counting up our dead
It would be nice to lead the world in common sense instead

You’ll be a hero saving lives if you just wear a mask
So be a patriotic friend it’s not too much to ask
It isn’t complicated to perform this simple task
Just follow rules and common sense and wear your fucking mask

I wrote this, but I stole the style from this guy