If they where…

Recently, I waited for hours in a hospital waiting room while my appendix was rupturing.  My wife and I joke about how if I were Black, we would have assumed that I would have been treated better if I were White.  So I don’t always agree with “If they were Black” or “If they were White” hypotheticals. 

But to look at these pictures and imagine that these smirking terrorists would be treated about the same had they been Black would simply be absurd.  I challenge anyone to look at these gleeful criminals defiling our nation’s capital as police look on, some laughing with them, and tell me that they would have been treated about as well if they were Black

Boston Blame

Well I figured this wouldn’t take long: “Obama ignored Russian FSB intelligence warning about Boston bomber (2011 warning disregarded by Obama’s FBI)”. Nor this: “Boston Jihad Bomber Could Have Been Deported After 2009 Domestic Violence Conviction”. We should brace ourselves for a tidal wave of right wing conspiracy theories blaming Obama for the tragedy in Boston. (also brace yourself for a bunch of popup ads when clicking on right wing websites).

It’s a lie that Tsarvaev could have been deported for domestic violence and only dishonest right wing websites are calling the domestic violence incident a “conviction”. According to the New York Times:

.. while Mr. Tsarnaev was arrested, he was not convicted in the episode. The law requires a serious criminal conviction in a domestic violence case for officials to initiate deportation, federal officials said.

And that’s not due to Obama’s policies.

It’s also a dishonest to blame Obama for failing to act on the Russian warning. The FBI investigated the elder Tsarnaev brother but “did not find any terrorism activity, domestic or foreign”

Another thing that “Obama’s FBI” blamers won’t mention is that FBI director Robert Mueller was appointed by George Bush. Is it fair for me to point that out? Only in the sense that turnabout is fair play. After 9-11, right wing pundits wouldn’t let us escape the fact that the CIA director at the time, George Tenet, was a Clinton appointee. I remember “a Clinton Appointee” following Tenet’s name as if it were a suffix, like “Jr”, “DDS”, or Esquire”. It didn’t matter that Tenet warned the Bush administration about al-Quaeda.

But even if the FBI missed an opportunity to catch the Tsarnaevs, Obama’s FBI under Bush’s appointee has kept us pretty safe from domestic terror. We’re not going to stop every attack. In 2002, Dick Cheney promised us that there will be more attacks, but apparently his preemptive ass covering was only to be used during his own term.

There are over 30 people murdered in the United States every day, and very very few of us are blown up by terrorists. Instead of blaming “Obama’s FBI” we should praise them for their service and turn our attention back to gun violence. People trying to politicize the tragic event in Boston are crackpots, hypocrites and liars.

Update: and now this.