It will be tough without Lowes, but we can do it.

Sasha and I have been pretty big customers of Lowes, but that ends now because Lowes decided to comply with the demands of bigoted family values organization in Florida to pull their ads from a TV show about Muslim Americans.

I personally find it shocking and heartbreaking, because Lowes was on the correct side of the bullshit English-Only campaign. I guess Lowes decided that Muslim Americans don’t buy as much lumber as Spanish speaking Americans do.

I wish a boycott of Lowes would teach them that it’s worth a business hit not to promote bigotry, but I’ll have to settle for trying to teach them that appeasing bigots isn’t a good business decision.

I hope Lowes apologizes for this miserable decision. Even they only do so for pragmatic reasons, it will demonstrate that Americans who hate bigotry are a larger and more powerful group than they expected, and that would be a step in the right direction.


We put our dog Freckles down yesterday. We hired Dr. Wood of We took her outside and had a little picnic, and fed her pork rinds until the doctor came. First he dosed her with something that put her mostly to sleep, then with the poison that killed her. It was $300. If you decide to put down your pet, I recommend this over a drive to the vet.