Good, Low Cost Dental Hygienic Services for Hampton Roads

If you have any kids age 5-12 in need of a dental cleaning, please consider Old Dominion University’s School of Dental Hygene, and especially consider Sahar Asif, my hygienist and a student. Don’t let the word “student” scare you. ODU dental students have plenty of training in the art of dental assault and can claw at your teeth and gums with the ferocious zeal of any professional.

Sahar Asif at Work on a Patients Teeth

Seriously, Sahar is competent and kind, and if she handles rugrats with the same care with which she handles grumpy old men, the kid will be in very good hands.

Because it is a school, the services are extremely inexpensive. The fee for dental cleaning for a child aged 5-12 is $20.00.

You can get more information at, or send an email to (My email account, not theirs. I’ll only forward emails exclusively pertaining to dental appointments at ODU).

Updates: I made a couple of changes since the original post. I added the photo, changed the title (the original was stupid) and added contact information.

64th: Don’t be Mislead by Last Minute Smears

I recently received a creepy flier in the mail accusing Bill Barlow of voting to make it possible for convicted felons to work at your child’s school or coach their soccer team. The flier also says “Barlow was 1 of 26 out of 100 Delegates who said ‘YES.’”

I don’t know what vote is Rick Morris talking about. The flier doesn’t say. It’s as vague as Morris’s other accusations against Barlow. Whatever vote Rick Morris is talking about, the “1 of 26 … who said ‘YES’” phrasing is interesting. It doesn’t say anything about the “No.” votes.

Who's Watching Our Kids at School

I looked through the Legislative Information System and found no recorded votes on any bill related to felons or convictions with 26 yea votes. This means that the vote Rick Morris is talking about, unless he’s simply making it all up, was probably a voice vote. These votes are usually one of a few votes that a proposal will go through on its way through the General Assembly, and rarely do more than a handful of delegates even participate in the vote. So these 26 yeas probably represent unanimous support for a bill, not to be passed, but just to be pushed along to the next phase.

Bill Barlow has been strong supporter of tough-on-crime legislation. He voted to expand the death penalty to accomplishes and voted against limiting the death penalty to ages 18 and up. He voted to increase restrictions on sex offenders, including a rather tough bill to prohibit convicted sex offenders entry onto school grounds or other property. And he has voted to increase funding for police.

On the other hand, Bill Barlow has also supported bi-partisan legislation like that championed by Governor Bob McDonnell to streamline the civil rights restoration process for ex-offenders who have proven themselves worthy of a second chance. Thanks to Governor McDonnell’s efforts, along with Republican and Democratic legislators, a non-violent felon, after serving his sentence and clearing all court costs and fines, can, after another two years of proving to be a good and productive citizen, request to have his civil rights restored. So maybe Rick Morris is upset that Bill Barlow has worked with his Republican counterparts and Governor McDonnell in order to pass important, sensible, bi-partisan crime legislation.

I don’t know what vote Rick Morris is talking about in his creepy flier. I do know:

  • There were no final votes in the house on any crime legislation with 26 yeas.
  • Bill Barlow has repeatedly voted for tough-on-crime legislation.
  • Rick Morris’s creepy flier is vague and provides absolutely no information to back up it’s outrageous accusation.
  • Rick Morris’s creepy flier arrived late in the campaign, leaving little time for Bill Barlow to respond to this vicious smear.

I’m pretty certain that Rick Morris’s campaign staff combed through the legislative records, and in their efforts to paint Bill Barlow as a weak-on-crime liberal, the best they could come up with was a procedural vote to push a legislative proposal up for further consideration. And “26 out of 100” is almost certainly misleading, since this vote was probably unanimous with only 26 delegates even bothering to participate.

In fact, Bill Barlow’s voting record on crime as well as other issues would be distressing to many liberals. I certainly don’t like his votes on the death penalty. But I’m not supporting Bill Barlow because I agree with everything he does. I’m supporting Bill Barlow because he supports public schools, the police, tax credits for small businesses, and has honestly, faithfully, and intelligently served his constituents for two decades.

Bill Barlow is being attacked by an opponent who falsely accuses him of everything from fiscal irresponsibility to putting “felons ahead of the safety of our children”. We simply should not support such a dishonest politician.

This Tuesday, vote for the honest guy. If you’re in Virginia’s 64th, vote Bill Barlow.

Last Thoughts about the LeGrow Campian

As a friend at the gym said “It didn’t work out too well for LeGrow”. But we were always realistic. On the last Saturday before elections most people I spoke to still never heard the name “LeGrow”. Randy Forbes has corporate backing and the support of the Christian right in a district where it’s better to call yourself a Christian and wave the cross under everyone’s nose than to actually love the “least among us”.

But Dr. LeGrow got people talking. He generated a lot of letters to local newspapers and a lot of talk on line. People argued about religious tests for government office, about how close we are to the brink of environmental disaster, and about the real effects of the stimulus package.

Whether it’s a Liberal or a Conservative in office, it’s good to have challengers who encourage people to explore the issues. Maybe next time, the 4th district will have a debate, instead of a well heeled incumbent who shies away from challenges and carefully avoids actions which might shine a light on opposing points of view.

No matter which way you voted, if you took the time to learn about the issues by reading and listening to both sides, than you’re smarter than those who refused to stray from their partisan talking heads, voted without thought, or just stayed home and watched TV. Thanks to Wynne LeGrow, the fourth district had two points of view to choose from. Hopefully that trend will continue.

Wynne Legrow for Congress.

Last year, Randy Forbes got a lot of support by mis-characterizing the public option as a government takeover. Thanks in part to his opposition, the public option died, and today right-wingers cite percentages of people who are unhappy with the health care bill without noting the fact that a lot of people are only upset about the concessions that were made to opposition.

I’ll give Mr. Forbes credit. He’s not as nasty as members of his party who are making the rudest insults and wildest accusations about the president and Democrats in general. He is a polite, well spoken gentleman and I would probably like him as a neighbor.

But as politician, he’s dangerous. While he refrains from the worst of Republican behaviors, he rides the waves generated by the lies of his party. His pleasant demeanor provides a false sense of credibility for the worst policies of the right wing, which he supports with lock-step party-line zeal while claiming to be above partisan bickering.

Unfortunately, support for wars based on mis-information, hate-based immigration rhetoric, violations of the first amendment, and mis-characterizations about health care have made Randy Forbes unbeatable in election after election for Virginia’s 4th congressional district.

It’s time for a change, and that change comes, perhaps ironically, in the form of another polite, well-spoken gentleman, Wynne Legrow. As a retired physician with nearly thirty years experience, he and his wife Marilyn, a nurse, know a bit about health care, and will speak honestly against the lies that have blunted what could have been a better reform bill. That he has built a successful medical practice, including his own dialysis center, means he also knows about business and economics, and has what it takes to implement successful strategies. And Dr. Legrow served his country in the U.S. Army.

Dr. Legrow is an outsider, driven into politics by a desire to prevent this nation from backsliding towards the awful policies that we’re finally starting to recover from. He has no need to promote himself with populist rhetoric.

Dr. Legrow will continue to support health care reform, as well as intelligent wall street regulation and clean energy policies. Despite the rhetoric from the right, these policies are being proven effective as our economy shows signs of recovery, while the opposing policies have resulted in a series of economical and environmental disasters.

Visit Legrow For Congress for more information and to make a contribution.

Freedom of Conservative Speech

Yesterday I heard an old guy complaining about having to take on a job, and he blamed President Obama for his lost retirement savings.

A while ago, While President Bush was still in office, A guy came into the library and asked for something, I didn’t hear what, which they didn’t have. And he said (I swear) “After all the taxes I paid Clinton?”

These two incidents were spaced pretty far apart, so I’m not saying that all, or most, of my fellow Suffolkians are idiots. A lot of very intelligent people live in Suffolk, and I accept the fact that that I live in a conservative town where a lot of smart people disagree with me. But does that mean a person can make any derogatory comment about a Democrat, no matter how moronic, and be comfortable with the knowledge that he’s among people who will smile and nod? Can I say, “Obama broke into my house last night and stole my TV!” and not have one person say “Really? Obama? Wasn’t he in Ghana last night?”

I was right to keep quiet in the Library, since saying something from where I was sitting would have made me as much a loud mouthed pest as the idiot who walked in, but maybe I should have responded to the more recent comment. I have trouble deciding when to butt in.