Remember the Donald as you Get your Shot

Donald Trump wants us to remember him as we get our covid vaccines. So lets review:

Donald Trump ignored pandemic response plans left by the Obama administration, and fired most of his own team members who attended a pandemic response exercise set up by Obama’s transition team

Before Trump’s inauguration, a warning: ‘The worst influenza pandemic since 1918’
Politico, 2020-03-16

Donald Trump cut CDC staff in China, including the epidemiologist responsible for detecting outbreaks

Trump says China “should have told us” about coronavirus. He removed the official meant to do that.
VOX 2020-03-23

Donald Trump ignored coronavirus briefings from his own intelligence officials

Trump Received Intelligence Briefings On Coronavirus Twice In January
NPR 2020-05-02

The first company to produce a vaccine, Pfizer, turned down research and development funding from Trump’s Warp Speed program so they would, according to their CEO, liberate their scientists from bureaucracy. Their vaccine is also the most effective

Pfizer Vaccine’s Funding Came From Berlin, Not Washington
Bloomberg 2020-11-09

Do not appease Republicans or fall for their bullshit

Marco Rubio suggested that they could impeach Hillary Clinton if we convict Trump

Rubio’s question did not mention Clinton by name, but he alluded to the “Lock her up!” chants targeting Clinton that Donald Trump encouraged as a candidate in their 2016 presidential contest.

“Is it not true that under this new precedent, a future House facing partisan pressure to ‘lock her up’ could impeach a former secretary of state, and a future Senate forced to put her on trial and potentially disqualify from any future office?” Rubio asked the impeachment managers and Trump’s attorneys.

In response, Rep. Jamie B. Raskin (D-Md.) noted that Trump was impeached while still in office for conduct while he was the president. The hypothetical, he said, “has no bearing on this case.”

Trump attorney Michael van der Veen disagreed, warning that voting to convict a former president would lead to impeachment proceedings against other ex-officials.

“It could happen to a lot of people. And that’s not the way this is supposed to work,” van der Veen said

The Washington Post

Trump was impeached while he was president of the United States. The Senate is now trying him because the Constitution says the Senate has the authority to try all impeachments. While I don’t know if it’s possible to impeach someone while they are out of office, Jamie Raskin is clearly correct is saying that such a possibility is not related to this case.

Rubio’s question was a threat. It certainly wasn’t asked to find information because even Rubio isn’t that ignorant. If we convict Donald Trump for the crimes that everyone knows he committed, Republicans will continue to do what they have been doing for more than two decades, which is trying to convict Hillary Clinton of something.

Folks, they’ll do it anyway. Republican are enemies of the United States and we should not think that appeasing them will make them relent.

A NextDoor Conversation in Suffolk, Virginia

This is where I live. I retyped for you a conversation from NextDoor, which is a neighborhood-based social media service that’s supposed to be non-political. This is from the Liberty Spring neighborhood in Suffolk Virginia. Emphasis mine.

Your political arguments: I said this earlier on a political post where my friends and neighbors were arguing, but it was deleted.

Don’t believe the media. Everything we see and hear is being controlled. This is what they want. United we stand but divided we fall. We are all family. Love your neighbor and forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing. Do not pass judgement. You can’t control what people are brainwashed by(sic). Just trust God, he has a plan and I believe he will bring us all back together.

Amen Sister!

I agree! Always remember, God is in Control. It is his will. I just pray, people will know him and turn to him. These are trying times! The media is corrupt. I agree, don’t be brainwashed.


What’s ironic?

@person3 talking about being brainwashed by the media while in the same breath throwing the “word of god” around.

If you still believe media as truthful well then I’m lost for words.Well said.

We are to forgive and GOD is in control, however, GOD also gives us the discernment between right and wrong. There are good consequences and bad consequences depending your decision(s).


What if Russia did Release a Pee Tape?

First, Trumpers would deny it was real

Then they’d say it was part of Trump’s plan to get Putin to trust him, revealing how far Trump would go because he loves America so much

Then they’d say it’s nobody’s business what Trump likes

Then there would a huge increase in demand for Russian mail order brides, especially in Alabama, Arizona, and Texas

So Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to release the pee tape. I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our lonely conservative gentlemen

If they where…

Recently, I waited for hours in a hospital waiting room while my appendix was rupturing.  My wife and I joke about how if I were Black, we would have assumed that I would have been treated better if I were White.  So I don’t always agree with “If they were Black” or “If they were White” hypotheticals. 

But to look at these pictures and imagine that these smirking terrorists would be treated about the same had they been Black would simply be absurd.  I challenge anyone to look at these gleeful criminals defiling our nation’s capital as police look on, some laughing with them, and tell me that they would have been treated about as well if they were Black

Pack it

The reason I would have been reluctant to pack the Supreme Court is fear of setting a precedent. It would have been the idea that if we do this, then they’ll do that, and we don’t want to start down that path.

That fear is nullified because I no longer believe that any restraint on the part of Democrats will influence Republicans. No courtesy that we extend will be reflected in kind. No attempt to preserve our norms and traditions will make Republicans regard those norms and traditions with reverence.

Quoting a friend on social media

“We should expect nothing but bare-knuckled realpolitik from Republicans from now on; we have to stop being shocked. This is the reality of the GOP moving forward. Nothing is sacred to them, even the sanctity of the vote or the stability of the republic.”

Some Republicans still put the United States above Trumpism, but they no longer drive the party. It is no longer an exaggeration that Trump could shoot someone on 5th Avenue. They are murdering us in the streets.

I no longer fear setting dangerous precedents with Republicans. Now I fear not setting them.

The military vote

I wish I was more pundit-like. Maybe if I was smarter I would understand why Trump still has so much of the military vote. Maybe I would understand why there are people out there who don’t understand why someone in the military would vote for Joe Biden. But I don’t.

Here’s what I know. I don’t have to be main stream media junkie to know these things. These should be indisputable

  • Trump took almost two years to visit the troops overseas. He finally planned a trip when the pressure was too much for him to ignore.
  • He skipped visiting the American cemetery in France, and blamed it on the weather. When he got home he skipped visiting Arlington on Veterans day, saying he was too busy making phone calls
  • Trump got into a public argument with a Gold Star family. When the father of Captain Humayun Khan said that Trump never sacrificed anything, Trump said, “I think I’ve made a lot of sacrifices”
  • Donald Trump lied repeatedly to America’s military. He said he said they didn’t get a pay raise in ten years before he became president.
  • He declared an emergency so he could use money from military projects to pay for his wall
  • He threatened to veto a military pay raise over Confederate base names
  • He fired Lt. Col. Vindman
  • He repeatedly fired military leaders and insulted them afterward
  • Young Donald Trump joked about getting out of Vietnam. He thought it was funny that real soldiers died in his place

This is not a man who respects the military.

I don’t care about whining Trump supporters

Every now and then I have the urge to waste my time and look into an accusation that Trump supporters make about Democrats playing unfairly. They’re making accusations now to justify their attempts to stop the count of legally cast votes. Occasionally, their accusations have some grain of truth.

But I remember birtherism. I remember Ted Cruz boasting about shutting down the government and then denying he did so. I remember that Donald Trump is the most dishonest and corrupt president in American history, who has told thousands of lies while profiting from his office. I remember Trump’s central campaign promise that Mexico would pay for the wall, and how when that didn’t happen Republicans supported him declaring a bullshit national emergency so he can steal money from the military to build it. I remember him breaking an explicit promise to the Dreamers because he wasn’t happy with how many American tax dollars were going into his fucking wall. I remember how Republicans blocked hearings for Merrick Garland over a bullshit rule that they made up about not seating a Supreme Court justice in an election year, and how they broke that rule with fanfare and glee by pushing through Amy Coney Barrett, one of the most unqualified Supreme Court justices in recent history only a month before an election so she can support Trump if tries to win by cheating.

It’s time for me to stop giving a fuck about the accusations of Trump supporters any more. It’s time for me stop wondering if there’s a grain of truth in their lies. We’ve had more than four years of non-stop lies, corruption, and some of the dirtiest tricks ever played by an American political party. Some Republicans have been so disgusted by their own party that they’ve turned on Trump and his supporters. Those Republicans still have some credibility. Trump supporters have none.

A Few Reminders about How Much Donald Trump Loves America and American Heroes

Donald Trump took no action with intelligence that a Russian spy agency was paying the Taliban to kill American troops

Donald Trump threatened to veto military pay in order to defend Confederate base names

Donald Trump spent most of Memorial Weekend 2020 golfing and tweeting Insults

Donald Trump ordered thousands of National Guard members home just one day before they would qualify for education and retirement benefits

Donald Trump took money from the military to pay for his border wall

Donald Trump vilified and fired Purple Heart recipient Lt. Col. Vindman for telling the truth under oath about Trump’s “perfect” phone call

Donald Trump lied to all of the men and women serving their country when he said he was the first to sign a pay raise in 10 years

Donald Trump took a year and 11 months to finally, reluctantly, visit the troops in combat zones.

Donald Trump referred to fallen American military members as “losers” and “suckers”

Donald Trump failed to visit the American Cemetery in France during an Armistice Day trip, and failed to visit Arlington when he returned, on Veterans Day

Donald Trump, after not visiting the troops for months, sent Vice President Pence to lie to them about who’s putting their pay in jeopardy during a government shutdown

Donald Trump’s assault on the VA has exacerbated long-standing difficulties in hiring, leaving the VA with almost 50,000 vacancies

Donald Trump Discussed Submarine Locations with Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte

Donald Trump publicly insulted and argued with the mother and father of fallen soldier Captain Humayun Khan

Donald Trump insulted John McCain for having been captured in Vietnam

Donald Trump belittled real soldiers with a stupid joke about his “Personal Vietnam”

More about Donald Trump’s Insults and Abuses of the Heroes who Defend America

Truly Orwellian

The absurd untruths in Kavanaugh’s opinion regarding Wisconsin, along with the thousands of lies told by Trump and the flip-flopping of Senate Republicans regarding their bullshit rule about seating of a Supreme Court justice during an election year strongly suggests that dishonesty is more than just a necessity for Republicans to do business. It’s a feature.

Each time their supporters agree with their blatant lies, they further cement their loyalty. They show that they’re willing to follow Republicans along any path as long as they appeal to their anger and nationalism.

We’ve reached a point where Republicans would have fewer supporters if their lies were more believable.

This is truly Orwellian.