Don’t Kill Democracy Over Lies

If Republicans win as a result of the 2022 elections, they will weaken our democracy by removing laws that make it easier to vote, and election officials in several local and state governments will overturn election results that they don’t like.

This may not be be the irreversible dystopian nightmare that some of us envision – or it may – but either way it won’t be good. We will have lost decades of progress in American democracy. This is what some of our fellow Americans want.

Others will have let it happen because we fell for lies.

The biggest lie driving people away from Democrats is about inflation. The truth is, the United States is handling inflation better than most.

As explained in the video I embedded below, the united states is “in the middle” compared to other nations regarding inflation. But the video doesn’t emphasize (though it does mention) that even compared to those nations that have lower inflation, the U.S. economy is still stronger because of other factors, like jobs.

Assistance provided by the American Rescue Plan helped the U.S. economy. As David Lynch writes:

More than 8 million Americans who were jobless in March 2021 are now working. The economy last year posted its fastest growth since 1984 and ended the year more than 3 percent larger than before the pandemic.

David C Lynch, Washington Post, October 9th, 2022

Other lies being told by the right are the vicious culture war lies. What the right wing is calling “CRT” and accusing public schools of teaching is merely the truth about racism in the United States, and nobody is trying to indoctrinate your kids to be gay or trans.

And of course, there’s the big lie about stolen elections. A lie refuted by several Republican politicians and election officials, including more than sixty federal judges, some of the them Trump appointees, who shot down the suite of lawsuits known as “the Kraken”

The people who shouted “do your own research” while promoting dis-proven Covid-19 cures now want to make sure you don’t research global inflation rates, what’s actually being taught in public schools, and the thousands of lies told by Donald Trump and Republicans who support him.

Our elections where never completely free and fair, but we had been making progress. That’s what Republicans are trying to kill. Don’t let them do it because you feel for a bunch of lies. Vote Democrat


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