Unthinkable by Jaime Raskin

I just read Jamie Raskin’s book, Unthinkable. The book is about the attempt to hold Donald Trump accountable for his incitement to insurrection, and about Jamie Raskin’s son, Tommy. Tommy was a visionary who lost his fight with clinical depression while in his second year at Harvard.  He committed suicide on December 31st 2020, one week before the insurrection.  

The cliche, “too good for this world” came to my mind while reading about Tommy Raskin, but Tommy wasn’t the reason I read the book.

The book details the evidence for, legal arguments about, and purpose of trying to hold Trump accountable. The evidence is clear, the legal arguments were sound, and the purpose was to prevent the destruction of our democracy by Donald Trump, his delusional followers, and cowardly politicians who would rather ride the coattails of a populist than risk their careers to stand up for the truth.

I recommend the book for anyone who has slipped into numbness and defeatism after January 6th.  This book is about fighting for what’s right even while dealing with tragedy, and it’s about maintaining hope even when danger looms.    


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