The Biggest Cities have Democratic Mayors – Including the Best Biggest Cities

The biggest cities in the United States are run by Democrats. Sixty-two percent are Democratic according to a page in Ballotpedia. And that doesn’t mean thirty-eight percent are Republicans. From my own research I found 64 Democrats, 25 Republicans, and the remainder unknown.

When a big city makes the news for some negative reason, it’s usually a city with a Democratic mayor. Republicans are quick to point that out, although they fail to point out that most of those cities, like Flint or Jackson, have Republican governors.

But it’s not just the biggest cities that are mostly Democratic, it’s the best

Of U.S. News and World Reports 25 Best Places to Live, at least 19 are run by Democrats. Looking at 25 best cities in Niche, I came up with 12 Democratic cities and only three Republicans (a lot of unknown’s on that list). I never heard of Afar before, but their list of best large cities was the first hit my Google search, and that list is overwhelmingly Democratic.

This might be because a city needs infrastructure and services. It’s not good enough to tell residents that they’re on their own and to enjoy the low taxes, even though Republicans rarely meet their low-tax promises as well as they meet their low services promises.

Despite all the anti-Dem commenters who are quick to disparage Democratic leadership when a big city makes the news, it seems to me that Democrats run things pretty well.


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