A Guy Who Hates Me Gave Me a Jump in Virginia Beach

My wife’s car has a loose battery connector but that’s not why the battery drained today. It drained because I forgot the lights don’t turn out if you don’t open the driver’s door even if you take the key out of the ignition. Stupid feature. When I couldn’t start the car, I called the roadside service that I have through my insurance company.

The guy that arrived saw our bumper stickers and said he was willing to help me even though I was a Biden loving bastard.

Before I came up with a good response, he showed me the loose battery terminal. I said, “I know, but that’s not the problem today.” He fussed with it a bit and said, “Just for giggles, let’s try it now”, then added, “Just for kicks”

The car didn’t start because the battery was drained because of the lights. Like I said, the connector wasn’t the problem today. So he jumped it and got me going.

I didn’t get angry, but I didn’t shy away from talking to him. I don’t remember everything we said but I found out he hates Republicans, too. But he really hated Biden. At one point he spoke about all the illegals coming in. I said, “What about all those Haitians that we’re deporting?”. He said we’re not deporting any Haitians. He said they’re letting them in and telling us they’re being deported. He said they’re lying to me and I believe them.

He was already in his truck by then, and he backed away without saying anything else.

I did right by not insulting the guy – not saying he’s delusional or whatever, because I keep reading insults don’t work. Listen patiently and defend the truth. But I could have done better on the second part. The truth is I wasn’t ready for a debate and delusional people can say whatever they want, but defending the truth means keeping your facts straight.

I would have liked to have asked him, “If everyone is lying, how do you know what to believe?”

That I’m writing this post suggests he’s in my head more than I’m in his. Maybe being hateful and delusional is better for your mood than being contemplative and worried. While I was waiting for the jump I read an opinion piece saying, “The United States is heading into its greatest political and constitutional crisis since the Civil War, with a reasonable chance over the next three to four years of incidents of mass violence, a breakdown of federal authority, and the division of the country into warring red and blue enclaves.” This guy showing up didn’t give me much reason to doubt that.

This paragraph is two days older than the rest of the post. I didn’t think it was relevant at the time, but the insurance company gave this guy the wrong phone number and the wrong color of my car. He found me because my hood was up. He also noticed that my battery bracket was broken. He shook the battery and said, “Here’s why your connector keeps coming loose, buddy”. That sounds reasonable. He alternated between calling me “buddy” and “bastard”. The point is while none of this makes him a genius, I don’t think the guy was stupid. Just delusional. Brainwashed. When talking with these people, we shouldn’t assume their all stupid.

2 thoughts on “A Guy Who Hates Me Gave Me a Jump in Virginia Beach

  1. I believe you took the money go road. Some people are bound and determined to believe what they want to believe based on theories or beliefs. Sometimes we just have to pick our battles and save our energy for something else. Personally I believe he was fishing for a “rise” out of you. The fact that he wanted to talk politics while supposedly doing his job speaks volumes about him. While reading your blog the entire while I’m saying to myself why is he evening discussing this with a customer? You’d think in his line of business he would choose to be more professional no matter who he has to help.


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