Remember the Donald as you Get your Shot

Donald Trump wants us to remember him as we get our covid vaccines. So lets review:

Donald Trump ignored pandemic response plans left by the Obama administration, and fired most of his own team members who attended a pandemic response exercise set up by Obama’s transition team

Before Trump’s inauguration, a warning: ‘The worst influenza pandemic since 1918’
Politico, 2020-03-16

Donald Trump cut CDC staff in China, including the epidemiologist responsible for detecting outbreaks

Trump says China “should have told us” about coronavirus. He removed the official meant to do that.
VOX 2020-03-23

Donald Trump ignored coronavirus briefings from his own intelligence officials

Trump Received Intelligence Briefings On Coronavirus Twice In January
NPR 2020-05-02

The first company to produce a vaccine, Pfizer, turned down research and development funding from Trump’s Warp Speed program so they would, according to their CEO, liberate their scientists from bureaucracy. Their vaccine is also the most effective

Pfizer Vaccine’s Funding Came From Berlin, Not Washington
Bloomberg 2020-11-09

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