The military vote

I wish I was more pundit-like. Maybe if I was smarter I would understand why Trump still has so much of the military vote. Maybe I would understand why there are people out there who don’t understand why someone in the military would vote for Joe Biden. But I don’t.

Here’s what I know. I don’t have to be main stream media junkie to know these things. These should be indisputable

  • Trump took almost two years to visit the troops overseas. He finally planned a trip when the pressure was too much for him to ignore.
  • He skipped visiting the American cemetery in France, and blamed it on the weather. When he got home he skipped visiting Arlington on Veterans day, saying he was too busy making phone calls
  • Trump got into a public argument with a Gold Star family. When the father of Captain Humayun Khan said that Trump never sacrificed anything, Trump said, “I think I’ve made a lot of sacrifices”
  • Donald Trump lied repeatedly to America’s military. He said he said they didn’t get a pay raise in ten years before he became president.
  • He declared an emergency so he could use money from military projects to pay for his wall
  • He threatened to veto a military pay raise over Confederate base names
  • He fired Lt. Col. Vindman
  • He repeatedly fired military leaders and insulted them afterward
  • Young Donald Trump joked about getting out of Vietnam. He thought it was funny that real soldiers died in his place

This is not a man who respects the military.

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