An audacious display of criminality

Imagine your neighborhood is being taken over by a gang. The leader of the gang commits crimes in front of witnesses, then denies having done so. One day he shoots down a rival in broad daylight, then shrugs and says, “Someone call an ambulance! This guy just shot himself the head!”

The point isn’t to convince anyone that the rival killed himself. It’s to show that the gang is so powerful they can get away with anything.

Holding the Republican convention at the White House is the most audacious display of illegal activity by a president that this nation has seen, and the defenses of that crime which fail to mention 18 USC Section 595 may be suitable to convince some, but for most it’s only meant to show that anything Trump does will be justified.

At least Nixon tried to cover up his crimes. Trump flaunts his criminality and expects to be treated as if he’s innocent anyway.

It might still be an exaggeration to say Trump could kill someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose a single voter, but we’ve reached a point where a large number of his supporters would deny it happened, and others would justify it or explain why the president is except.

Trump is a gang leader and our nation has been taken over by a gang. They commit crimes in front of everyone and causally declare that they did nothing wrong.

Some of the bravest people in the world are those who fight gangs. If my analogy is correct, then the rest of us can get a small taste of that bravery by voting against Trump, and being vocal about doing so.

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