Food Banks Need Help

When the Suffolk Democratic Committee meets once a month at LeOtis Williams’s LW Center in Suffolk, members often leave food donations for the food bank that Mr. Williams’s runs in the same building.

But the committee hasn’t met recently.

With all the turmoil going on in the nation – lost jobs and canceled events from Covid-19, and now destruction and fear, it’s important to remember that food banks are suffering right at a time when they’re needed the most.

The Guardian listed increases in demand reported by several food banks throughout the nation, and the figures vary with some reporting 8 fold increases and others at about 20 percent. The Suffolk News Herald noted in April a 14 percent increase in people asking for help from the Suffolk Christian Fellowship.

I spoke to LeOtis Williams by phone last month, and he said he is still accepting donations at his property management office at 615 E Pinner St. His office can be reached at 757-925-0747. The April article in the Suffolk News Herald recommended the “Donate Now” link at, the website of the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia and Eastern Shore.

food basket

Image: Food basket by johnny_automatic,

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