Words of a Friend on Facebook

Eric Cannon:

This has been a tough couple of weeks for our country and I feel compelled to post some thoughts that have been boiling in my head.

Twitter’s recent decision to fact-check Trump for blatant lies that are easily disproven through academic research, studies and empirical data is not the same as “deciding what is true”, or “being an arbiter of truth” as Mark Zuckerberg was quoted as saying. When drawn out to its logical conclusion, that ludicrous line of thinking is so incredibly dangerous. Are we to place no value on the scientific method? Is all research & data suspect? THIS is why our institutions are crumbling. Because rich jerkoffs like Zuckerberg would rather look out for their bottom lines than lift a finger to curb the cesspool of misinformation Americans digest EVERY SINGLE DAY. Zuckerberg is also obscuring the fact his own company explored algorithms to reduce misinformation, but scrapped it because it was too expensive. He KNOWS this is a problem for his stupid little website, he just doesn’t want to lift a finger or spend any capital to fix it.

Also, spare me that “social media discriminates against conservatives” bullshit. MAYBE STOP SPREADING LIES TO KEEP YOUR DYING PARTY PROPPED UP, JOIN THE REST OF US HERE IN TRUTH-WORLD, AND YOU WON’T FEEL SO OPPRESSED. Maybe stop supporting a morally bankrupt megalomaniac President who called for the MURDER of black American citizens in Minneapolis, while calling the white supremacists who terrorized Charlottesville “very fine people”. The same guy who gassed & shot rubber bullets at peaceful protesters in Lafayette Park so he could get his yearbook picture taken with someone else’s Bible in front of a church whose clergy are horrified, I repeat HORRIFIED, would be used as a prop in that fascist’s re-election effort.

Take one moment out of your day and digest this statistic: Despite only making up 13 percent of the United States population, Black Americans are two-and-a-half times as likely as white Americans to be killed by law enforcement. Let that sink in. Let that TRUTH wash over you. Now, remember that statistic the next time you open your mouth to criticize the chosen tactics of protesters, or to dismiss them as looters, rioters, or “left-wing extremists”.

Justice for George Floyd. Justice for Breonna Taylor. Justice for Ahmaud Arbery. Justice for Eric Garner. Justice for Sandra Bland. Justice for every black American who’s had their lives snatched away by some racist white asshole.

I understand that I was born into privilege as a white man, and I will NEVER fully understand the depth of racism, police brutality, and inhumanity the black community must face every day living in America. That said, I’m here to listen. I’m here to support black communities and black businesses in any way I can.


Love each other.✌️

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