Remember to Vote in November

Remember Remember to vote in November
Or earlier, if absentee

The nation is falling for fascism’s calling
And now we must act to be free

The right wing is trying to stop you from voting
With lies, propaganda and threats

Remember that curse about interesting times? It’s
As interesting now as it gets

It’s time to be brave since we know we’re in danger
by flag waving bigots with guns

But don’t let them stop us. The stakes are too high we
must think of our daughters and sons

So vote we must do now in gigantic numbers
to make it much harder to cheat

Of course they’ll still try and they’ll cry “Rigged Election!”
when finally they’re faced with defeat

If we do not beat them this coming election
Then maybe it will be our last

Though greatly imperfect we’ll miss our elections 
When they are a thing of the past

Our leader’s the basest of nasty, cruel racists
a dishonest, stupid old dote

We must rid ourselves of this terrible menace
So go do your duty and vote!

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