Believing the Unbelievable

Why is Donald Trump president? Here’s an example of one reason.

Someone close to me, who might not want to be named here, posted an article about the U.S. tear gassing asylum seekers. He’s fine. I love him. He’s not the problem.

The problem is a friend who replied to him. The friend posted this very disturbing collage of pictures with the bizarre pizzagate-related story, along with his own absurd accusation that the kids who were among the crowd who were tear gassed were trafficked and sold to be used as props. He says they were sold for thousands of dollars each.

I don’t know how much effort anyone should have to put into debunking such nonsense, but I will point out two things that I didn’t even have to spend hours of googling to figure out:

1) In order to spend thousands of dollars a piece to place kids among asylum seekers so they could be tear gassed at the border, one would have to have confidence that they would, in fact, be tear gassed at the border. Otherwise, it’s a pretty risky investment for no gain that I can understand with a high degree of being found out. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I was actually kind of shocked that we stooped that low.

2) It’s hard for me to imagine the labyrinth of twisted logic that connects pizzagate to migrants, but the photo of creepy guys in black robes? That was taking from an idea for a Halloween haunted house. You can see it on Pinterest.

Yes. Some guy spent probably less then 10 minutes lifting a bunch of creepy pictures from the internet to throw together a sick story about the Clintons, and some people – thousands, I imagine – are fucking gullible enough to believe it.

I didn’t spend time tracking down the other creepy photos. The one with the girl smiling with blood dripping from her mouth also looks like a Halloween gimmick to me, and the one with the tooth is probably from a dental website. Maybe later I’ll spend some time tracking down those photos too.

How do so many people believe this shit? Are we really this fucking stupid?

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