Daily Current Article Linked to Unrest, Deaths in Dearborn

A Daily Current article which stated that Christian woman were being forced to wear head scarfs at a Muslim owned company in Dearborn, Michighan has sparked riots in that city, leaving 12 people dead and causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage. Four of the dead were members of the Al Allah Mosque in Dearborn, which was attacked and burned Saturday night.

Although the July 22nd article is 10 months old, it remains popular on social media and there has been a recent increase in activity by social media users linking to and commenting about the article.

The unrest began when a peaceful protest against impending Sharia law turned violent as frustrated protesters where unable to find the Khilāf Krafts arts and crafts store, which was the subject of the Currant article.

“I asked a dozen of these terrorists where that Kali-whatever crafts store was and none of them gave me a straight answer”, said Bernard Nubart, a resident of a Dearborn suburb worried about the encroachment of Sharia law in the U.S. “I don’t agree with all the killing, but I understand why people was upset”

Imam Saddam Bin Barack of Al Allah expressed dismay. “I don’t understand what the violence is about. Shouldn’t an employer have the right to have his employees to submit to his religions demands? Is this not a free country?”

Dr. Howard Jane, dean of Political Science at the University of Michigan was surprised at demographics of rioters. “Usually White people and Christians find more peaceful ways of expressing social and political dissatisfaction. They tend to reserve violence for athletic events or college festivals.”

A recent press conference which was planned to be about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership turned into a discussion about riots throughout the nation. In an answer to a reporter’s question, Obama seemed resigned that his last year in office will be marked by wanton destruction and murder. Although he began asking for calm, his long, rambling statement turned sour by the end. “You know what? I give up. Fuck this shit. And fuck the Daily Currant. In fact, fuck you. All of you. If people don’t even understand when they’re reading satire, then there’s no hope”.

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