Deah Barakat Was Not Pro-Terrorist

Update 2015/02/16: Stop Antisemitism Now has removed their link to the Bare Naked Islam article.

Stop Antisemitism Now, a Facebook group which I like, by the Facebook definition of the word, recently posted something that I don’t like at all. It was a link to a Bare Naked Islam article accusing murder victim Deah Barakat of tweeting “anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist, pro-terrorist tweets”. One out of three is bad. Barakat was certainly anti-Zionist, but the other two accusations are lies.

Bare Naked Islam, a website dedicated to promoting hatred if Islam, correctly pointed out Barakat’s anti-Zionist tweets such as,



But I looked at Barakat’s twitter feed and found a few items Bare Naked Islam didn’t bother to post,



Had I met Deah Barakat, we might have argued about the legitimacy of Israel. We might not have liked each other. But he was not pro-terrorist.

For calling out the lie in a comment on Stop Antisemitism Now’s post, I was called a “Self Loathing Jew”. It’s hard for me to defend myself against such comments since I lack any Jew cred, having lost my faith and having been raising hogs in Virginia and all, but whatever my feelings about myself may be, facts are still facts. A person can be anti-Zionist and even hateful of Israel, and neither be anti-Semitic nor pro-terrorist.

Bare Naked Islam is clear about its purpose, but Stop Antisemitism Now says its purpose is to “promote pride in Israel and in Judaism”, not to promote hatred of Islam. They should promote pride without allying themselves with hate groups.

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