Old Version of Mitigating the Damage caused by Not Voting

I made a lot of revisions to my previous post, and for the sake of honesty and to avoid looking like I’m trying to cover up any gotcha’s, here’s the version I posted on the 9th.

I see no sign of it yet, but I think a lot of Republicans are feeling some buyer’s remorse as they consider the band of comic book villains that they just put in charge of most of our nation. The puppet masters who orchestrated the debacle by spending billions of dollars on lies about the economy, the environment, Obamacare, and conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory will have to stave off the effects of such remorse. They will whisper into the ears of their newly elected henchmen and tell them that the master plan is almost complete, but now Gunslinger Jesus says we should tone it down a bit while he puts more pieces in place. If the loons can go for two years without ranting about such things as spanking the gay away or going to war with Mexico, Republican voters, who generally aren’t as deranged as the mad clowns they just elected, will approach the 2016 elections thinking, “Well that wasn’t so bad” as opposed to, “My God! What have I done?”.

If the loons can tone it down a bit and Republicans, with the help of the “Liberal Media”, can claim credit for the economy which was getting better before they regained control, then 2016 will be 2014 II. As long as there are still some Democrats around, they can keep blaming everything that goes wrong on welfare, immigration, and regulations, and keep preaching about Jesus, guns, family values, and the subversive plot to take it all away. Angry, scared, Republicans will get to the voting booths to save Christian America from Mexican Sharia terrorists and their homosexual Jewish lawyers while apathetic Democrats, those who aren’t working triple minimum wage shifts or getting turned away at the polls, will spend Election Day watching TV and posting selfies.

After a complete Republican takeover, the puppet masters won’t have to keep their henchmen in check. There will be bills in Congress against homosexuality, Islam, and Spanish. They will cut unemployment insurance as jobs get outsourced or replaced by machines. They will cut minimum wage. They’ll take credit for job growth even though job growth will mean more people working more shifts and still losing their homes. Public schools will be so ineffective that it would be better for poor and middle class to drop out and start working. We’ll see more gerrymandering, more difficulty voting, more suspicious behavior of voting machines and election officials, and more money spent drowning out the messages of political candidates who stand up for the middle class and the poor.

The chance of a poor person rising above poverty will be smaller than it had been in a century, but at least the playing field will be fair for people who’s parents spent a million dollars on their success and shouldn’t have to compete with those who’s parents didn’t spend a fraction of that amount.

The Republicans don’t have to be the party of lunacy. There’s nothing wrong with an opposing voice asking, “Don’t you think you’re spending too much on this issue?”, or “Maybe those people can’t be helped”, or “Let’s give that problem a chance to fix itself”. But that voice of intelligent dissent is gone for now. It’s been drowned out by paranoids and religious zealots who’s deranged views were just endorsed during an election that so many of us sat out. And the only people who gain from a dysfunctional government are those who hate limits on their extravagance and who don’t want meddling dogooders defending the rights of those who can’t defend them with their own money. They’re not a bunch of fat cats sitting in a room deciding how to control our future. They’re just a bunch of wealthy individuals who spend a lot of money convincing us to vote in their interests or to just stay home. And we complied.

It’s already bad and it’s going to get worse but it might eventually get better. If you doze off at the wheel as the road curves away from a 6 foot diameter oak tree, the prospects aren’t good but you still might save yourself if you wake up now. At least you might mitigate the damage and survive to make repairs.

Some say, don’t blame the non-voters, blame the non-candidates. I disagree. I say get to the polls first and eventually candidates will recognize you. Get to the polls and vote for the best choice available. They’re not going to look at you as you watch TV on election night and say, “If only I were more exciting that guy would be voting for me”. You have to at least meet them halfway. Show up and show them you’re there.

Maybe you don’t agree with either party. I don’t agree with Democrats on everything. But at the very least, don’t vote for the party that wants to make it harder for you to vote and harder for you to be informed. Don’t stay home to let confused bigots vote for you. Your inaction has just allowed voting to become much harder, but it’s not impossible yet. 2015 is an election year in many states, and it’s a chance for many of us to show politicians that we’re ready to show up. Then in 2016 we’ll have a chance to mitigate some of the damage done in 2014. But only if you vote.


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