Still with the Cold Weather Jokes

As a ship capsizes, one stubborn crew member in the engine room may yell at his shipmates, “We’re not going down, you idiots! We’re going up!”.

Fully capsized ship (only hull showing).

Photo: U.S. Navy

Cold storms don’t disprove global warming any more then a rising engine room disproves the overall direction of a sinking ship. But Ted Cruz has been joking because it’s cold, and he’s not alone. Even one of my professors snorted, “Global Warming” as we discussed the possibility of yet another snow day in Norfolk.

For a while, it seemed like “Climate Change” would be a better term to help confused deniers who don’t read past the headlines understand that “Global Warming” doesn’t mean everybody’s going to be warmer today then they were a year ago. But the deniers jumped all over that phrase as if it came to being because embarrassed global warming believers were befuddled that winter had arrived once again.

The latest denier talking point is the flat average global temperature over the past fifteen to seventeen years. It’s a much better talking point than, “It’s snowing, dumbass “, but ignores the periods of steady or declining temperatures that have happened several times in the past, even though the trend continues to be upward. Climatologists never said the rise would be steady.

Chart:Nasa Earth Observatory

I’ll admit that some of the denier information is worth looking at. If you don’t even know that the average temperatures haven’t risen significantly in over a decade, then you’re just as ignorant of opposing views as they are. But from what I can tell, most of the denier arguments are based on misrepresentations of climate theories and jokes about the snow.

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