Allen West: Latest Self-Serving Race-Baiting Lowlife to Compare Zimmerman/Martin to Unrelated, Horrific, Black on White Crimes

While talking on Fox News about George Zimmerman, Allen West demonstrated what a self-promoting scoundrel he is by referring to two horrific Black on White crimes and pointing out that “we still have not heard from the NAACP or the media”. One of those crimes involved the murder of a baby and the other to the gruesome murder of a couple in Knoxville.

The difference is those crimes were investigated and the criminals were punished. Is the NAACP supposed to call for an investigation? Is the NAACP supposed to demand their arrest? Or is Allen West waiting for the NAACP to come out with a statement saying, “Gosh, we Black folk sure do commit us some sick ass crimes.”?

As I previously pointed out, there have been Black on White and White on Black crimes before and since the Zimmerman case and I personally haven’t seen much about them in the headlines and I certainly haven’t seen the NAACP call for justice for either Black on White or White on Black crimes in which the killers have been apprehended.

Allen West brought up these crimes for the same reason White supremacist sites blog about them. They’re particularly heinous, the victims were White, and the criminals Black. They have nothing to do with Zimmerman. These sick crimes strike revulsion in the hearts of almost every Black person who hears about them just as they do for almost every White person, but they give bigots something to point to and say, “This is what Black people are like”.

Colonel West managed to rile up a bunch of bigots, some of whom are ready to put West in the White House so they can continue talk about what depraved animals they think -most- Black people are while saying, “But I’m not a bigot, I supported a Black guy”.

“Martha Speaks” is a story about a talking dog. In the Martha books, other dogs are still slobbering animals but Martha is almost human. That’s what your supporters think of you, Colonel West. And since they have so little knowledge of or respect for the White House that they’ll vote for a guy just because he seems like the kind of guy you can have a beer with, they’d be just as willing vote for a guy who they think of as almost human just to deflect accusations of racism, as long as the almost human figurehead serves to promote their message. These are the people that you’re pandering to, and their ideas are the ideas that you’re endorsing by using cases of horrific violence to make accusations about reverse racism.

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