Another view of the pencil suspension

At the Suffolk Democratic Committee meeting last night, a member of the Suffolk School Board who attended the meeting said that after the pencil incident, nobody contacted anybody in the school board who could have reversed the principal’s decision to suspend two boys for pointing pencils at each other while saying “Bang”. Instead, the parents of one of the children went straight to the press.

She said that had the school board been contacted, the board would have overturned the suspensions. Despite the fact that she was unable to deal with the situation, she has received letters from as far away as Texas insulting her and her “liberal values”.

I don’t know who the teacher is. I don’t know about the “liberal values” of the teacher, the principal, or the spokeswoman who defended the idea that a pencil is considered a weapon when it is pointed at somebody. But I do know that neither the principal nor spokeswoman have been involved with the Suffolk Democratic Committee for at least as long as I’ve been a member, and that a school board member who agrees the whole incident was a silly mistake is a Democrat.

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