Don’t you get it, She’s a Zombie!

Don’t you get it? She’s a zombie. So that makes it OK, see? All those gun-nut yahoos aren’t feeding their lust for killing real people, they’re practicing killing zombies. You know, in case the zombie apocalypse happens. It could happen, you know.

Sure, they call her “the ex” but that’s just an acknowledgement of the unfortunate fact that your ex might turn into a zombie. And sure she looks kind of like a real woman, but they painted blood on her mouth. You know, to show that she’s a Zombie. Same reason they ripped off most of her clothes. And sure Zombie Industries posted, right on their website, the following customer quote:

This Zombie Bitch is awesome, reminds me of a girl I knew in High School

But it’s all OK, because she’s a zombie. No problem here. None at all.

All you misguided America-hating socialists slamming on the very people who spend their time and money prepairing to protect the rest of us unarmed pussies from zombies. Shame on you. These people are heroes.

Zombie Target, Blonde woman with blood puring from her mouth
It’s Ok, she’s Just a Zombie

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