A Busy Couple of Days For Me

This week started with some family struggles concerning my son. I won’t go into details but he missed a couple of days of work and we’ve been fighting about him living in the house as a bum. It involves a girl, and it’s still ongoing.

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Some time around Monday, I picked up some poison ivy – a pretty bad case all over both arms. That’s also still ongoing.

On Wednesday, there was a reception for Ella Ward, and I awkwardly refused to shake anyone’s hand for fear of giving away what was rightfully mine.

Thursday, still with itchy arms, I drove my daughter 650 miles to the University of New England in Biddeford, Maine. We stopped in Massachusetts overnight and arrived Friday morning. When I was able, I did some website updates for Virginia CURE and worked on the invite for a fundraising event for Ella Ward, (which will be rescheduled to September so if you click on the link and it still says “August 27th”, wait for the new date).

I stayed with my daughter for a few hours of check-in and unpacking and then, in part because of the aforementioned problems with my son, rather than staying another night I turned around and drove all the way back, and got home in time to make sure he went to work this morning.

Then I took a three hour nap.

This afternoon, at 2:00, I have a get together with the Suffolk Democratic Committee to host at the OFA office on Main Street. You’re all invited, contributions are requested. Following the get together will be an OFA Open house, and if I’m still standing I’ll say a few words about phone banking and data entry.

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