A Campaign of Lies

I’m disgusted and angry that the Romney camp is still running the “You didn’t build that” sound bite. It’s been debunked by a wide range of sources, and yet Romney believes that enough Americans are so ignorant of current events that they will digest what his campaign feeds them without even sampling the few sentences that preceded the bite.

At one point, it represented an uncommonly low level in the field of dishonest campaigning. But now Romney has sunk even lower by falsely accusing the Obama administration of trying to block early voting for military members. Mitt Romney is developing quite a pattern of lying to military members and veterans.

Mitt Romney is running the most dishonest campaign that I can remember. He has a record of taking multiple sides of several issues, continues to break campaign tradition by withholding his tax returns, and denies that his tax plan will raise taxes on the middle class while refusing to explain a $360 billion gap which economists have concluded can only be paid for by cutting deductions which help middle class taxpayers. Romney’s lies are so numerous that it’s hard for fact-checkers to keep up.

But still, people will see the “You didn’t build that” bite over and over, and believe it. They’ll believe it because they don’t read anything other than opinions from pundits who reiterate their own beliefs, and tune out arguments which challenge their own views.

Mitt Romney hopes that the percentage of voters who only get their news from sources which support his lies is greater than the percentage of those who get their news from other sources. If you’re cocooned in a right wing echo changer or even a left wing echo chamber, you can break out by considering the possibility that even those who disagree with you might have a valid point that should be explored. Often, you’ll learn that the other side really does have a point, although that’s not very likely when the other side is listening to Romney. At least you’ll know what the other side is hearing and be more prepared to defend the truth.

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