The Suffolk, Virginia, Community Heroes Luncheon

Next weekend, on May 5th, the Suffolk Democratic Committee (in Suffolk, Virginia) will, for the fourth year, honor three citizens of our city at a very nice luncheon at the Quality Inn. The three honorees are heroes who the committee believes have distinguished themselves with selfless contributions to the community.

When deciding who the heroes are, the committee does not test for politics. This year, one of our honorees will likely vote for Mitt Romney in November. But this woman volunteered for years at the Tidewater Free Clinic and has distinguished herself by helping desperate people receive vital medical services while treating each of her clients, despite their social and economic status, with the same courtesy and respect with which one would treat a friend.

In the next few months many of us will get into emotional arguments with friends and strangers about economics, war, the power of government, the use of lethal force, and host of other vital topics, and we may feel that those who disagree with us are selfish, stupid, or crazy. But in the end, good people don’t necessarily believe what you believe or what I believe, and can hold views that we find to be outrageous.

By all means, argue. I have opinions and I’m not afraid to use them. But in the end, remember to recognize the goodness of those people around us, despite our strongly disparate views.

Tickets next week’s event are $25 and you can contact me or visit the SDC’s site for more information.

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