I Finally Got Around to Reading Sandra Fluke’s Testimony

Now that the big controversy over Rush Limbaugh’s filthy remarks about Sandra Fluke and his subsequent apology are turning into old news, I finally decided to read what Sandra Fluke actually said, and after all this time I finally know that much of her testimony was about the medical needs of women to use birth control pills for medical issues and why it’s difficult, and invasive, to make exceptions covering medicinal use of birth control pills while not covering the use of the pills for contraception.

Transcript at What the Folley

Update: I originally wrote “allow medicinal use of birth control pills while banning the use of the pills for contraception”, which was a mistake pointed out by G, in the comments.

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  1. Who wants to ban a person’s access to contraception?

    I give it the political left for spinning the narrative effectively, but the truth is this is another example of those in power trampling on the Constitution. People on both sides of the political spectrum have been using government to enforce their set of values on the people on the other side of the spectrum and it all needs to stop.

    We need to get back to everyone being equal under the law, and build a culture of personal liberty balanced by personal responsibility.

    • bnmng

       /  2012 March 9th

      I should not have wrote “banning the use”, and did not intend to contribute to an improper narrative.


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